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August 14, 2014

Apparently we had a lot of random video just lying around.  Some good, some not so good quality, but all fun.  Enjoy!

Problems are, in order:

Donkey Punch (V3) – Coopers Rock, WV
Baron Harkonen (V7) – Catoctin/Cunningham Falls, MD
S & M Roof (V5) – Coopers Rock, WV
Kill by Numbers (V5) – Joe’s Valley, UT
Horizon Line (V6) – Grayson Highlands, VA
Bigfoot lower start aka Bigfoot’s Dick (V7/8) – Rocky Gorge Reservoir, MD
Jonah Boulder V3 – Catoctin/Cunningham Falls, MD
Beauty Queen (V7) – Coll’s Cove, PA
Ship’s Prow Variation (V5+) – Coopers Rock, WV
Straddle Battle (V6) – Coll’s Cove, PA
Jugarete Sit (V7) – Governor Stable, PA
Topsail (V5) – Coopers Rock, WV
Big Dickens (V8) – Coll’s Cove, PA

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