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More adventures in WV & SW PA

July 3, 2014

As we are set to embark on another long weekend trip, here’s a very belated post about our WV & PA adventures from the last long weekend.

For Memorial Day weekend, some of us spent 1 1/2 days at Coopers, a day at Coll’s, and a day at a new-to-us spot, Ohiopyle.  By the time we got to Ohiopyle we were pretty exhausted, but we plan to return this weekend!

Before the photos, some good news.  Our friends at Coll’s Cove are in the process of securing the cabin and surroundings where the parking area is currently for a campground.  While they had hoped to have this ready for 4th of July weekend, the owners decided that some renovations would be needed before renting it out.  Follow them on Facebook for more updates!  And for now, click here for a map depicting how to pay for parking ($5 per car).

Okay, now here are some of Shane’s photos from the weekend:

We started off at Coopers, where General Max sent Beginning of the End (V9) on Friday.  A bunch of things were sent by various people on Saturday, but I can’t remember exact details.

Erica on Twist da Hick (V5) at Coopers.

Erica on Twist da Hick (V5) at Coopers.

After climbing at Coll’s on Sunday (where Shane displaced Rattle Battle V7 and plenty of other climbing occurred), the PA crew took us on some crazy, dusty back roads to the Blue Hole, a place that looked like it belonged in some tropical paradise.  The guys all jumped in and promptly swam out while the ladies all remained warm(ish) and dry.

Back flip at the Blue Hole.

Back flip at the Blue Hole.

Then we went even further down the back roads, had a little bit of a dance party, and then walked out to an overlook.

The crew.

The crew, minus some who left early.

On Monday, the PA crew took us to Ohiopyle.  I had been there before for camping, hiking, and rafting, but never climbing.  Turns out there are a good amount of boulders there, some pretty high.

Nick at Ohiopyle.

Nick at Ohiopyle.

Olya at Ohiopyle.

Olya at Ohiopyle.

And now, back again this weekend!

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  1. Christian Rios permalink
    July 7, 2016 11:16 pm

    Are you willing to share how you got to bluehole?

  2. Natalie permalink
    August 2, 2016 1:30 pm

    Can you give coordinates for where the “Blue Hole” pictured above is. My sons and I traveled to Dunbar for one and Perryopolis, PA for another. But neither was the site you show someone doing a backflip from.. We are trying to go again this week and would REALLY appreciate any directions or GPS coordinates.


  3. September 5, 2016 7:41 pm

    I’d also like the coordinates! I drove out to what I thought would be this swimming hole today but it was much, much smaller!

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