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Cheers to a New Year (and a new GS lease!)

January 8, 2014

If you’re a mid-Atlantic pebble wrestler, then you’ve probably heard the good news: the 2014 climbing season at Governor Stable is on.  To celebrate, a bunch of us were somehow able to make it up to PA the next day after our NYE festivities.

In case you were unaware, Governor Stable is located on private property.  Thanks to the Friends of Governor Stable, the boulder field will remain open to climbers from Jan. 1 – August 31 of 2014.

A few things to know before you go:

1) Make sure you purchase a membership ($60 for the season) or a day pass ($10).  Click here to purchase.  This is important, as these fees help pay for the lease.

2) Remember to sign in at the front.

3) Sadly, the boulders beyond the Pyramid Boulder are closed indefinitely.  But if you haven’t been there before, there are still plenty of other problems to climb.

4) As with all climbing areas, please remember to be respectful of the environment.  It’s the right thing to do, and it helps preserve access for the future.

Anyways, we came to GS prepared to celebrate the new year and new lease.  Art being Art brought champagne flutes for the occasion.  Esten kept trying to tell him that they were inevitably going to break, but luckily for Art that did not happen.

Starting off 2014 at Governor Stable

Starting off 2014 at Governor Stable

Back in 2012, I put up a climb at The Acre called “Someone Get Her a Tiara” after Esten made that comment about me.  A year and a half later, Esten finally got me a New Year’s tiara, which remarkably stayed on throughout the whole day of climbing at GS.

A photographer from the local paper even caught our ridiculousness on camera:

Caption from the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era: “Rock climbers carrying crash mats hike into Governor Stable Park in Conoy Township Wednesday. (Suzette Wenger / Staff)”

We even managed to get a few hours of climbing in:

Max W sending The Egg (V5)

Max W sending The Egg (V5)

Jackie sending Casanova (V6)

Jackie sending Casanova (V6)

Erica working Casablanca (V3)

Erica working Casablanca (V3)

Esten sending Tut (V3)

Esten sending Tut (V3)

Cheers to another year of pebble wrestling!  Next stop – Hueco!

Here are some more of Art’s photos:

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