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Coordinating Colors at Coopers

July 16, 2013

Once again, rain across the east coast changed our long weekend plans of a bouldering trip further away.  But luckily, Coopers has been there for us.  On Memorial Day, on July 4th, and even on a super humid July Sunday.

There were so many people who showed up the past two weekends that if I start to list them all I’m bound to forget someone.  Even those who usually put on harnesses on the weekends came out.  It might not have been the best conditions, but there were still many sends.

On 4th of July weekend, some of us did not get the memo that we should plan our outfits around our crash pads.  Arthur’s gray shirt and red shorts perfectly matched his Organic.  Eric took this a few steps further, and was totally decked out in orange and blue – pad, shirt, hat and Shamans (Yes, sadly he is a Mets fan…)

Eric on Twist dah Hick (V5). Notice his matching shirt, shoes, and crash pad.

Eric on Twist dah Hick (V5). Notice his matching shirt, shoes, and crash pad.

Other than coordinating outfits, we also did some climbing.  Eric started out the weekend by warming up on and sending his long time project, Tomb Raider Roof (V7).

Eric sending Tomb Raider Roof (V7).

Eric sending Tomb Raider Roof (V7).

Mario Max has sent almost everything at Coopers, so now he’s creating his own highball projects:

Max on the Ship's Prow boulder.

Max on the Ship’s Prow boulder.

We spent most of our time at Ship’s Prow, in the Tilted Tree corridor, and in the Final Fantasy Roof.

Jackie on Ship's Prow (V5).

Jackie on Ship’s Prow (V5).

Dan sending Tilted Tree Slab.

Dan sending Tilted Tree Slab.

Erica on Roof Problem (V4).

Erica on Roof Problem (V4).

On Saturday night, we arrived back at the campsite and got caught behind a large truck playing “Play that Funky Music” as a jingle driving through the campground.  Excited, we thought it might contain ice cream, but it was just shaved ice.  😦  Who wants that?  We drowned our sorrows in many rounds of killing each other in Mafia around the campfire.  The next day, we arrived at Upper Rock City just in time to get caught in a monsoon.  Oh well, at least the rest of the weekend far outshined the initial weather reports.

The following Sunday, half the gym showed up to the Tilted Tree Area.  Tenni and I had planned to wear matching teal shirts to sort of coordinate with my crash pad, but she lost hers!  Hopefully it will turn up so we can one day be fraternal twins (they are not the same exact shirt, but the same print in different styles – and no, we didn’t buy them on purpose).

The first projects of the day were Crash and Burn (V5), Wave Rider (V5) and Cyrax (V2).  There were too many people to keep track of sends, so I won’t mention all of them.

Max M on Wave Rider (V5)

Max M on Wave Rider (V5). His shirt actually matched other Max’s car.

Paul sending Crash and Burn (V5)

Paul sending Crash and Burn (V5).

Erica sending Cyrax (V2)

Erica sending Cyrax (V2).

After completing Crash and Burn Sit (V5), Mario Max dumbly boasted that he had cleared out the whole side of the boulder.  Naturally, I had to call him out, as none of us had ever attempted a problem called Blood and Guts (V4).  Unfortunately, some holds had broken, making this problem harder.  Not to mention that the top out was covered in thorns and the landing was horrible at best.  So of course this became the new project!  After many, many pads were stacked and many attempts, Alex finally sent this problem.  He thinks it should be called Prickly Butthole.

Alex sending Prickly Butthole (V5/6)

Alex sending the problem he calls Prickly Butthole (V5/6).

Enough crash pads?

Enough crash pads?

After a couple more prickly sends, we headed to the Tilted Tree Corridor and Final Fantasy Roof yet again.  Unfortunately, the top out to Final Fantasy was soaked, so there were no sends.  We were able to work out some good beta though.

Harmony sending The Proctologist (V1)

Harmony sending The Proctologist (V1).

Nick on Roof Problem Variation (V5)

Nick on Roof Problem Variation (V5).

Ryman sending Ball Pit (V1)

Ryman sending Ball Pit (V1).

Paul working Final Fantasy (V7)

The day ended at the Anti-Elvis area with extremely high humidity.  We climbed the greasy Elvis Legs (V3) and a V2ish highball around the corner from Anti-Elvis (Erica is a baller).  On the way home, Mario Max learned how to make an Orange Crush at Puccini’s.

Here are some more photos from Art:

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