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Sendorial Day Weekend

May 30, 2013

Originally we planned to go to the Gunks but then went to Coopers because of rain.  And the official song of the trip was Raise Up.  Makes sense, right?  I guess there are no rap songs about WV.  WHO AM I?

Climbers: Chris, Max M, Max W, Jackie, Art, Erica, Tenni, Dan, Outdoor Mitch, and Eric
And we met up with: Frenchy & his crew, Robin & his crew, John & Katie, others!

We had thought that prime bouldering temps were over – it was the end of May after all – but it was actually cold for Memorial Day weekend, with frost predicted for every morning.  Unfortunately for Super PAC, he had sustained a concussion the Thursday prior and was unable to check the weather.  On Friday, Chris, Max M and I arrived at Coopers and found it to be in the 40s.  Since it had recently been in the 80s in DC, it was a bit of a shock.  But, good temps to work on some condition dependent problems after Chris and Max sent a fun V3+ called Duster Huffer.  I went to work on Coral (V7) – the most annoying problem ever – with Frenchy and Yo, and Max went to work on Razor Arete (V9).  Chris almost froze to death.  Luckily, Walmart sells sweatshirts.  We went to a place called the Boston Beanery in Morgantown for dinner (so yeah, we went to WV, ate a a place called somewhere in MA, and blasted a song about NC…makes perfect sense).  They didn’t have many beverages on the menu in stock that we asked for, including pineapple juice.  But, they did make me cocoa and shnapps and only charged me for the cocoa…so I guess it wasn’t entirely sad.  The next day we found out that a Pies & Pints had opened in Morgantown…fail. 😦

On Saturday Max W and Art pulled in to the campsite just as we were waking up at noon.  We started the climbing day with Super PAC sending Colorful Corner (V4) and then headed to Pentagon (V7).  With Mario’s beta, Wario sent pretty quickly.  Then, Chris got it for his first outdoor V7!  I got it too for a triple send, woohoo!

Max W sending Pentagon (V7)Chris sending Pentagon (V7)Jackie sending Pentagon (V7)

Next, a ton of people worked on Tomb Raider Roof (V5 stand, V7 sit).  Chris got the stand but should’ve just done the sit so he didn’t tire himself out.  Art woke up from his slumber and showed everyone up that was working on the problem by cruising through the bottom and almost sending.  Then, he went back to sleep.  This will be a theme.

We returned to the Tilted Tree Area for some projecting.  We met up with John & Katie at Death Block, which is really hard for a V6 (sit).  Short person beta for the sit start is also about 5 more moves than tall person beta…blech.  Everyone working the problem got to the beginning of the stand start (which is a V4), but no sends.

Jackie working Death Block (V6)

Short person beta for the Death Block sit start

I then tried Coral again but was too tired.  Mario Max had been saving himself for Razor Arete and the coldest temps of the day at almost sundown.  But it was not to be.  Chris did seem to be a good bit warmer than the previous evening in his Walmart sweatshirt though.

Max W working Razor Arete (V9)

Max M working Razor Arete (V9)

That night, Erica and Tenni arrived at the campsite just in time for a discussion about what non-super super powers we would want to have.  Don’t feel bad if you are confused.  So are we.  Art just slept sitting straight up around the campfire.  Very typical.

There are no photos for most of Sunday because Art slept the whole day.  He woke up once to take a stab at Humility (V5), but that was basically it.  The day began with some of our group joining Robin and Emily’s crew at the many problems on the Moby Slab.  Dan arrived as well.  Then, Erica and Tenni made good progress on Moby’s Dick (V3) and Wario sent Wave Rider Stand (V4).  Dan and Erica put in some good burns on Humilty, and Tenni sent Clarity (V2).  I ate a lot of carrots and hummus (I’m addicted).  Next, Wario and Chris sent The Bulge (V5) and S&M Roof (V5).  Dan came pretty close on Twist Dah Hick (V5).

We headed over to try Exhume (V7), but it seemed ridiculously hard.  I had heard that a hold had broken off.  Mario moved on to Exclamation Point, one of the few 5s he hadn’t sent yet.  Well, that sure changed but not before a Max bomb almost went off on the top out.  Unlike a previous trip to Coopers, no Patagonia shirts were ripped in the process.  Art woke up to snap a photo of Dan working Question Mark:

Dan working Question Mark (V5)

Dan working Question Mark (V5)

The day ended as Dan and I worked on Crash and Burn (V5).  We burned, but Dan’s persistence as the sun started to go down convinced me to keep trying.   He will surely get it the next time.  (By the way, Mario Max re-sent almost all of the problems mentioned, because that’s just how it is.)

The crew expanded even more on Monday when Outdoor Mitch and Eric joined us.  They couldn’t come out to Coopers earlier because they had to watch Arrested Development.  Art offered that they could watch it on his ipad, but I guess that option wasn’t good enough.  It started to rain as we headed in to the Roadside area, and it was about 20 degrees colder than the original forecast for the day.  But, we kept climbing.  First we did a bunch of problems on the Butcher Block boulder.  I figured out the super secret beta for Hangover Helper (V2/3), which does not involve a dyno.

It soon stopped raining!  Our giant group split up for a bit, with Wario sending Green Block Test Piece (V5), Eric almost sending Helicopter (V5), and Erica sending the stand start of Warm Up Arete and working on the sit start (V4).  Super PAC came soooo close to the dyno on Dark Serpent (V6).  I finally sent Coopers Rockette (V6) after bitchin out on the topout 3 or 4 times on the last trip to Coopers.  Eric and Mitch sent Coopers Rockette too – Outdoor Mitch’s first V6!  Indoor Mitch has sent V6, but this was a first for Outdoor Mitch.  Eric wanted all of us to try Sandbaggo Grande (awful V4 slab) so that he could sit and taunt all of us.  He said it looked like fun while I was just sitting and shouting out random advice while some of them tried Roundhouse a few weeks before.  Well, I sure never want to do that problem.  But, he got a bit of a chance as Erica and Dan worked on the problem.  The Maxes also sent the V6 version of Extramundane (Variation A) and worked on Variation B (also V6).  Art didn’t wake up to take any photos.

And the trip ended, as many trips to Coopers do, with pitchers of Loose Cannon and zucchini fries at Puccini’s.  I think Art stayed awake for dinner, but you can never be sure.

Video to come!


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