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Plenty of send juice to go around

January 27, 2013

On Shark Max’s birthday eve, a bunch of Maryland problems went down.

The climbers: Shark Max, Max, Paul, Shane, Eric, Erica, Jackie, Tenni, Avi R., Linda
Designated drinker: Punk Ass Chris

Before the extreme cold front swooped in, we went to tend to some unfinished business at Bushwhack and The Acre in the Frederick Municipal Forest.  The past two attempts to climb there were failures, due to snow and heavy fog.

First we headed out to Bushwhack, where Tenni played Goldilocks since she didn’t have any climbing shoes with her.  Unfortunately, Erica’s shoes were too big and my shoes were too small.  There were none that were just right.

Max's FA of Memories of Mars stand start

Max’s FA of Memories of Mars stand start

Max had trekked a rope out to the boulders in previous visits in order to work out the moves on the highball shark tooth boulder (and its horrible looking landing), and was ready to send.  And in true Max fashion, he went and sent it before most of the rest of the group had even finished warming up.  He’s calling this problem Memories of Mars and it might be V5ish if you have long arms and V-near impossible if you’re short.  Shark Max got the second ascent, but Erica was too scared watching him that she forgot to take video.  Next project for the Maxes: the sit start.

Jackie on Awkward Turtle

Jackie on Awkward Turtle

The other project at Bushwhack was one that I would call Awkward Turtle if no one else has claimed it, since it involves a sweet heel hook/heel-toe cam above your head.  I had sent the easier version before (using the block to the right for feet), and got the harder version without the right block for the start this time.  Avi also sent.  Paul became a victim to the awkward turtle, and lost his ability to eat properly for a couple days after chomping on his tongue during a fall.

The crew then headed to The Acre for some more send juice.  Especially since it was Shark Max’s bday weekend, there was plenty of scotch, bourbon, beer, and wine.  And we all earned it.  Well, except for Super P.A.C., who, as usual, was being his punk ass self and making sure we finished all the send juice.  To be fair, he has been injured and did make himself useful as a cameraman.

Both Maxes and Avi sent our dear ex-pat friend Ryland’s problem, Space Invaders, dyno-style.  I found a crimp to use instead.  Typical.  Then, we headed over to Crimps for Breakfast, which both Maxes and Paul sent.

The Maxes proving that they are basically the same climber.

The Maxes proving that they are basically the same climber.

Shane also sent Ars Magna.  Eric sent too, after he made sure some Russian River was running through his veins.

We ended the day with some spicy pizza at Coal Fire in Frederick.  Everyone gave Super P.A.C. a hard time because he said that Max’s orange hat and blue shirt made him look like a Brazilian musician (or at least someone from Team Zizzou).  But, it turns out he wasn’t lying.  Shocking!

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  1. May 9, 2017 1:06 pm

    Looking forward to traveling the country this way. Especially love the new books being exposed to. We’ll be adding hurricanes to our weather unit in the future with these resources you#28&17;ve shared.

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