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Give the Access Fund some love for the holidays

December 17, 2012

And now it’s time for one of our public service announcements:

If you love climbing and are not an Access Fund member or need to renew your membership, you’re in luck.  Today and tomorrow, you can support an awesome organization for 20% off the usual membership price.  So, really, you have no excuse.

For those of you in MD, VA, and DC be sure to CLICK HERE to get a joint membership between the AF and Mid-Atlantic Climbers (for the same price as the regular AF membership).

Everyone else CLICK HERE to donate to the AF and be sure to check off your local climbing group for joint membership if you have one.


I work for a nonprofit myself and I’m not lying when I say every membership counts.  Members help to fund programs, of course, but numbers are also extremely important when discussing matters of great importance with Congress, the Obama administration, and land managers.  It’s much more powerful of a message to push for protecting a climbing area if a group has 50,000 people behind it instead of only 50, right?

In addition to helping to protect climbing areas, AF membership also gets you sweet deals like discounts on gear and staying at the Hueco Rock Ranch.  So, really, you have no excuse.

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