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This problem is Maxed out

December 6, 2012

Boulders should not be allowed to be soaked if it didn’t rain.  But unfortunately, our trip last Sunday to Gretna was a failure thanks to some heavy fog/mist.  So we turned around and luckily, the boulders at Whiskey Springs were climbable.

About 12 of us showed up, so it was good that we found somewhere to climb.  After warming up at the Entrance Boulder, Pierre went to work on The Cranking (V9) and the Maxes worked on the V6 variation The Spanking.  The top was wet though, so no sends that day.  Meanwhile, most of the rest of us climbed a short prow nearby that Pierre had heard was V5, but seemed much, much easier.  Who knows.

Looking for some dry rock, we found Divine Order (V7), a problem that none of us had attempted before.  That soon became the project of the afternoon.  Pierre sent quickly, and then both Maxes followed.  Thus, the problem was Maxed out (you can thank Dr. Claw for that one).  It was Shark Max‘s first 7, so it was cause for celebration!  The rest of us continued to make progress on the problem, but no luck.  Those of us who are short will have to figure out some alternate beta on the long move to the upper left hand sidepull next time.

Pierre sending Divine Order (V7)

Pierre sending Divine Order (V7)

Max M on Divine Order (V7)

Max M on Divine Order (V7)

We then attempted to get those who were new to the area on the Whiskey classic Bob Dylan Did Drugs (V5).  But, as was our luck that day, it started raining so we had to pack it up before there were any sends and go get some bbq in Marylina (we guess that is what Maryland’s version of Pennsyltucky might be).  I have to wonder about the people who would buy and wear some of the t-shirts for sale there.

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