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Climbing shoes are not snow boots

November 26, 2012

Yesterday Paul, Shane and I headed out to Coopers for some just-above-freezing bouldering.  It turned out that one of our toughest challenges was figuring out how to downclimb from our warmups without wiping out since the top of the boulder was covered in snow.  Climbing shoes are not meant for snow.

Once the guys warmed their feet back up, Paul dispensed of Helicopter (V5) and Shane sent his Coopers nemesis Bizarro (V5).  He had been working on this tough one for years.  Paul came extremely close, and will definitely send next time around.

Paul and Shane then ticked off most of the problems in the Jimi Cliffs Area, including the easiest V5 in the world (it’s unnamed).  When I finally warmed back up and was able to climb something over V3, I continued my streak of not working out the beta on problems until dusk/dark.  And Pentagon (V7) is not something that I wanted to climb in the dark.  We finished the day by devouring zucchini fries at Puccini’s and discussing Paul’s plan to create a Douchebag Demerit Tumblr.

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  1. November 26, 2012 3:57 pm

    Nice video! Who made it? That was a quick <24 hr turnaround.

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