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A gym rat goes to Coopers

October 7, 2012

Trip objective: Get Avi to enjoy outside bouldering.  Shouldn’t be too hard at Coopers, right?

Climbers: Seth, Max M, Avi, and Jackie
Hydration: Shipyard Pumpkinhead, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

In celebration of Sukkot, three Jews and Max headed out to Coopers on a Thursday.  Avi has been contemplating joining the APW trip to Bishop in November, but had only wrestled real pebbles a couple other times in his life.  If, he said, he enjoyed the day trip, he might actually make the jump from crushing plastic to crushing rock in the California desert.

The day began with a stop at a gas station/liquor store.  Max, having become manorexic, wanted some vodka to drink instead of beer.  After asking Jackie if she would drink marshmallow, whipped cream, cookie dough, or cotton candy vodka, she finally got him to buy Firefly instead, which was the best option in a gas station liquor store.

When we got to Coopers, we headed to the Roadside area first to warm up and then Avi and Seth went to work on Helicopter (V5).

Proof that Avi went to Coopers! Here, working Helicopter (V5).

Both made good progress but the beginning moves were a little wet.  The crew then moved on to Coopers Rockette (V6), which Jackie, Seth, and Avi worked for awhile.  Even with his semi-bum ankle, Seth sent his second Coopers V6 and earned the star for the day.

Seth on Coopers Rockette (V6)

The send will go into the next APW video, hopefully along with some footage of Seth’s new hit song “Manorexia” and a clip of Jackie clocking Max in the head with her elbow.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get Max’s subsequent utter fail in walking – most likely due to the concussion he must have sustained from not properly lowering Jackie from a cheerleader lift – on video.

Next Seth and Avi worked on Bitch Slap Arete (V5) and got pretty close.  The words “next time” came out of Avi’s mouth, an indication that he may actually be enjoying himself in this forested world of no taped holds.

Avi on Bitch Slap Arete (V5)

The day of climbing ended in Upper Rock City, where Seth sent Big Block Nose (V4) and Seth and Jackie figured out that the first few moves on Pentagon (V7) could be done best by campusing.  Max had sent the problem the previous weekend.  Even cooler temps in the upcoming months will hopefully lead to more sends.

On the way home we stopped at a gas station/sort of restaurant where Seth ordered a burger that took forever.  It must’ve looked like he was casing the place with his getaway car waiting outside.  Max broke his manorexia by eating a fry, but Seth was a good friend and made sure he didn’t go on a binge.

So did we successfully convince Avi to go to Bishop?  Time will tell, but he did promise to join us outside at some point again soon.  Another day or two of pebble wrestling just might do the trick.  Making him look at all of the beautiful boulders in the Bishop guide in the car couldn’t have hurt either.

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