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Pain and The Game

September 16, 2012

I just lost “The Game” again. Crap. Trust me, you really don’t want to know what The Game is… Ugh…

Squamish BC Canada (Aug 3-5)

Pebble Wrestler:  Shane a.k.a. Showtime

Non-Pebble Wrestlers:  Andy, Kevin, Kim, Molly, Sean

Hydration:  Shitty Beer, Quality Beer, and more Beer, scotch in a flask (Art would be proud), and 1 dirty martini

So what happens when a rogue Pebble Wrestler finds himself in Squamish with old climbing friends of the non-pebble wresting persuasion? Someone ties a rope around him, drags him up 6 painful pitches of crack to beat the boulderer out of him. Yep Yep.


That’s the gist of this post if you’re just here to check out the pics. Otherwise, enjoy my first post! It’s definitely a bit delayed and overdue considering it happened back during the first weekend in August!

After a previous trip to Seattle and Squamish years ago, I found myself well overdue for another visit. A number of my climbing friends from college have found themselves out in Seattle. Yes, I am very jealous, aren’t you? Anyways, I arrived on Thursday evening, chilled with Kim and Molly and enjoyed the Olympics. Two of the crew, Andy and Kevin, were out tackling another peak on their list of mountains to climb.  We all met up the following day and drove to Squamish.  By the time we arrived, the usual camping area was full. Come to find out, it was a Canadian holiday. No specific reason, they just wanted a holiday in August. Lucky them. We ended up finding a spot down the road between a family with a screaming baby and a 24-7 rave. Not a typical climber spot, that’s for sure.  Sleeping was minimal… 4 out of the 6 of us are now trad climbers and the group all agreed we’d rather climb together. The next day we headed up to the Chief to climb the Apron. Kim volunteered to be my rope gun and did a great job at that! We climbed 6 pitches of trad, St. Vitus’ Extra (5.9), and it definitely was some of the toughest climbing I’ve done in a while. I’m not sure how those guys can do it all the time, the foot pain was excruciating! They said you get used to it, or your feet numb to it. Doubt anymore of that’s going to be for me in the near future.


The next day, probably for my benefit, we chilled under the tree canopy and bouldered. We started warming up on an easy high ball V0 at the Black Dyke area. Next, moved over to do another V0 called Squamish Days and a V2 named Broken Nose. Then we worked Anatomy Lesson (V2). We had a hard time figuring it out until a local showed us beta. We then moved over to a classic called Sloppy Poppy (V4) that Andy sent.


By this point, I began to realize the previous days butt kicking from crack climbing had taken a major toll on me. About this time, a familiar face strolled by and caught me off guard. Thousands of miles away from our local craigs, Ship (local PA climber) came out of the forest. This lucky man was spending a good amount of time out in the Pacific Northwest wrestling some pebbles and whatever else looked good. Next, we walked over to Baba Hari Das (V7) to give it a few tries. This is one of the climbs on “The List” so I had to give it a few tries to see how it was. Andy and I were able to make it to the crux move but both lacked the juice to send. It felt good to try and I will definitely come back to in the future.


That concluded our bouldering for the day and we began the journey back to Seattle. Kevin and Kim suggested stopping in a small town at a great place for food and drinks, Boundary Bay Brewery. Low and behold, guess who we ran into again? Ship! Definitely low odds once, but twice!?! Perhaps not that strange, climbers stopping at a brewery… The trip was filled with reminiscing about the college climbing club, random games, and of course climbing. It was a great trip and always good to see old friends.

So what is “The Game?” Its pretty simple. If you think about The Game, you lose. So that’s it. If you think about it, you tell everyone you lost. if someone else thinks about The Game within 10 minutes, it doesn’t count, its gotta be at least 10 minutes from the last time someone thought about it. Its a bit tough, and a bit annoying, but can be entertaining… 🙂

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