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The Practice Climbing Adventures of Mario and Wario (and Others)

September 7, 2012

We did go bouldering in August, contrary to the lack of posts, so here’s a recap of our east coast adventures, at least as far as can be recalled from the trips to Coopers.

First weekend in August

Climbers: Max M aka Mario, Max W aka Wario, Esten, Erica, Priscilla, Pepper and Art
Hydration: Talisker 18, Green Flash Le Freak, Troegs Perpetual IPA, Breckenridge 471 IPA

They started their day practice climbing (to work on moves for real climbing) at Picnic Table where the crew warmed up on few easy problems on that boulder before moving to Humpy (V4.) Art and Wario resent it quickly, he thinks while Mario worked on something hard. Art moved onto Unnamed (V5) while the rest of the guys played on The Golden Path (V5.) Erica and Priscilla continued to work on Mushroom (V3.) Four or 5 hours later, they moved to Tilted Tree to work on Roof Problem Variation (V5) and Shadow Boxer (V6) which Art had a delusion of sending, but quickly learned otherwise. The group worked the problems but no one managed to send so they headed to home.

Erica working Mushrooms (V3)

Erica working Mushrooms (V3)

Last weekend in August

Wario and Tenni had planned a rafting trip this weekend, but that didn’t work out so they ended up with 4 day weekend at Coopers.

Climbers: Max W, Chris, Tenni, Blake, Paula, Erica and Art
Just the Weekend Climbers: Esten, Jackie, Priscilla, Taylor, Jen and Pepper
Only Saturday Climbers: Max M, Seth, Carly and Aaron
Only Sunday Climbers: Eric and Outdoor Mitch
Hydration: Talisker 18, Hendrick’s Gin, Flying Dog Chinook, Southern Tier 2X Milk Stout, Flying Dog Raging Bitch, Flying Dog UnderDog Atlantic Lager, Green Flash Le Greak, Firestone Walker Wookey Jack, Stone 16 Anniversary, Unita Dubhe, 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA, Heavy Seas Loose Cannon, Troegs Perpetual IPA … and others that can’t be remembered

The initial crew met up in Frederick before heading to Coopers to start off at Tilted Tree where they had a warm up day at Moby’s Dick before heading to the Tilted Tree Corridor area for some more warm ups and hydration. With the sun still up, but the day winding down they decided that the day was a warm up day and headed to Sand Springs to setup camp while Erica headed home for a bachelorette party.

Jen working Twist Dah Hick (V5)

Jen working Twist Dah Hick (V5)

The next morning they started back at Tilted Tree to meet up with the various groups coming out for the day and weekend. They started warming up at Tilted Tree Corridor before starting Twista Dah Hick (V5) which Taylor and Wario sent. While everyone was working other problems Mario was working out the beta to Roof Problem Variation (V5) which people generally call Final Fantasy, although that is a different problem that starts lower in the cave. Once the others tired of their problems they all moved back to the Snow Globe Area where Mario and Wario were working the V5. As Mario explained in his previous Unnamed post, he can get obsessive about certain problems and this was definitely one of those problems as the Maxes have been working on during the last few trips. This time, the beta was figured out, first by Mario and then a bit later Wario sent the problem. Meanwhile, others in the group worked Roof Problem (V4) which Seth and Jen sent.

With Roof Problem Variation completed, the group split up with some going to the Fiddle Area and others to Shadow Boxer. You will need to use your imagination of what occurred at the Fiddle Area because Art went to Shadow Boxer, but since most of this post is hazy and pieced together from vague recollections, what you think was sent there may be accurate. And by this point, the flask of Talisker 18 was empty.

Mario sending Roof Problem Variation (V5)

Mario sending Roof Problem Variation (V5)

Jen, Taylor, Mario, Wario, Art and Esten headed to Shadow Boxer to work on Esten and Wario’s project. Setting up their pads the group started to work on the problem while Art watched. After a bit Jen and Taylor left to meet the other group at the Fiddle Area and Esten and Wario continued to work on the problem. Eventually, Art got bored of watching them fall so he left as well to go and play on something else which turned out to be Humility (V5) in the Moby’s Dick Area which he worked with Jen and Taylor while the others moved from the Moby Slab wall to Fiddle Block to play on Tombstone Arete (V4.)  Meanwhile, Wario sent Shadow Boxer and Esten figured out some new beta while Jackie worked on convincing them to move to a new area.

Finally the group packed up and headed off to Upper Rock City so Jackie could deal with her project Roundhouse (V5) which she battled 10 months prior and lost that fight. Jackie headed down to her project asking for 5 pads which she felt was the exact # required to work that problem. Art headed to Raiders of the Lost Tomb (V5+) and the others in the group stopped at Colorful Corner (V4.) As was the case earlier in the day, details are fuzzy, but Jackie sent Roundhouse, Seth got Princes and Frogs (V6) and someone got Wario and Mario adventured up Colorful Corner. With various projects done, the groups packed up, some headed home and others went to camp.

The next morning the group headed back to Upper Rock City to work on the various problems in the Tomb Raider area and to meet up with Eric and Outdoor Mitch, because Indoor Mitch doesn’t go outside to climb. After warming up on the not-really-a-warm-up boulder they threw down their pads at Tomb Raider Roof and started to play. Other people may have thrown down pads at Tomb Raider and Ship’s Prow, but again, those memories are fuzzy. Eventually Esten sent Tomb Raider Roof Variation (V5), Wario got Raiders of the Lost Tomb (V5+) and Jen got Tomb Raider before Taylor and her packed up and headed home.  Let’s just pretend other things were sent as well.

Outdoor Mitch working Tomb Raider Roof Variation (V5)

Outdoor Mitch working Tomb Raider Roof Variation (V5)

Eric working Shadow Boxer (V6)

Eric working Shadow Boxer (V6)

As you can probably guess, they moved onto another area which they’ve been too previously, so they packed up and headed to Tilted Tree. However, this time, after turning on the access road onto the trail, they were swarmed up a group of bees which stung Blake and Chris several times. Blake was fine, but Super PAC’s hand started to swell up, but at least he didn’t go into anaphylactic shock and die. Once at the boulders they may have worked on Twist Dah Hick before Chris, Paula and Blake headed back to camp to pack up since Chris’ hand wasn’t doing any better. The remaining folks headed to Shadow Boxer where nothing was sent so the group packed up and headed out. The weekend campers headed home and Wario, Tenni and Art headed back to camp for their last night at Coopers.

The remaining three feeling tired and beaten decided that they’d camp for the night and head home in the morning so they enjoyed some more hydration.

August 8, 2012

August 24-27, 2012

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