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May 20, 2012

Climbers: Bob, Max, Eric, Chris, Paul, Ryman
Hydration: Victory Prima Pils

After a relaxing week of work recovering from their vacation in Joe’s Valley, Max and Eric attempted to replicate the personal bests they had achieved the previous week in Utah while climbing closer to home.  Joined by fellow Pebble Wrestler Bob, the crew headed out for Cooper’s Rock where they met Chris and newcomers Paul and Ryman.  After warming up on Ship’s Prow and Tomb Raider, they set their sights on a long standing nemesis, Tomb Raider Roof (V7).  Having previously sent the stand start variation (V5), both Bob and Eric had been trying for some time to complete the full problem with the sit start.  Unfortunately, the already battered AiPW crew took another hit when Bob took a hard fall off the difficult topout, turning his ankle and rendering him unable to climb for the rest of the day.  He would, however, continue to fulfill his duties as Uncle Beta.  Chris came very close to sending the stand start, but was unable to top out the problem.  Eric also worked the stand start, and for the first time in over a year was able to work out his beta and get off the ground.  However, his injured heal from Joe’s Valley created a mental barrier preventing him from being able to do the topout (at least that’s his excuse).

The crew then moved on to another long standing AiPW nemesis, Roundhouse (V5).  Chris, Ryman, Paul, and Eric all made significant progress on the climb.  Eric mastered Bob’s double heel hook beta for the time and was able to sink his claws into the side pull near the top of the problem for the first time.  However, he decided that it would not be right to send the problem before Jackie and gave up attempting it (at least that’s his excuse).

They then moved on to Max’s nearby project, Short Roof (V5).  Chris, Max, Paul, and Ryman all worked this overlooked and seemingly heavily sandbagged problem.  They were all able to make very good progress on the problem, but several long difficult moves prevented any sends.  Eric also attempted the the V3 variation, but destruction of his skin from two hours of bouldering at Coopers (far worse than the entire week at Joe’s Valley) made the send impossible for him (at least that’s his excuse).

The crew then left the Upper Rock City area for Roadside where the found the perptually wet Helicopter (V5) to be surprisingly dry.  Eric, Ryman, and Chris all gave several burns on the problem, but as was pattern of the day, while they all made good progress, the send would prove to be elusive. It was looking like the day would consist entirely of falling and making excuses, (Luckily the crew had already satisfied their inner self-worthers by sending the Tomb Raider sit start variation (V5) earlier in the day) but the tide turned when the crew moved on to Sandbaggo Grande (V4).  Eric was able to send his project in his second attempt.  Both Max and Chris then sent the nearby Cooper’s Rockette (V6).  Everyone finished the day at Bitch Slap Arete.  Max sent the stand start (V5), while Chris, Ryman, and Eric all were able to at least hit the top of the boulder.  Unfortunately, without Art we lacked any photographic evidence that we actually climbed this weekend (and Scotch).  With much of Adventures in Pebble Wrestling nursing some injury, it seems some recuperation time would be in order, but with the long Memorial Day weekend coming up, it doesn’t seem like that will happen any time soon.

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