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The Crew Worked the Tasty Box

May 9, 2012

We’re back in Joe’s Valley for some hydration and sending.

Climbers: Esten, Eric, Max, Jackie, Art, Jon and Jon’s friends
Hydration: Talisker 18, Lagavulin 16, Don Julio Anejo, Firestone Walker Double Jack, Pliny the Elder, Wasatch Devastator, Anderson Valley Hop Otten, Oskar Blues Deviant Dales, Oskar Blues Gubna, Sam Smith Apple Cider, Epic Sour Apple Saison, Anderson Valley ESB, Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout, Wasatch Summer Brow Lager, Rogue Mocha Porter, Squatters Hop Rising, Orval, De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserve, Lindenmans Cuvée Rene, Ale Smith IPA, Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale, Founders KBS, Russian River Redemption, Deschutes Hop Henge, Deschutes Summer Twilight, Black Butte Porter, Epic Hopulent IPA, Red Rocks Elephino, Firestone Walker Union Jack, Bota Box Pinot Grigio, Esten’s Red Wine, Tulley Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and countless others we can’t remember

We left on Saturday morning at 11 and Esten started packing an hour before we left. Arriving at BWI we started off with some wine at the airport wine lounge and we picked up another bottle for the plane. When we finally got to Salt Lake City, the group picked up Jackie, stopped by the liquor store when each person picked up enough beer and liquor for 5 people before moving onto Whole Foods to pick up $500+ in groceries before heading onto Joe’s Valley to see the super perigee full moon and meet up with Jon.

The next morning the group woke up and headed to the Right Fork to warm up on the Umwa boulder. They sent the various road side problems — Reach Around Right (V3) which Eric, Max and Esten sent and Max and Esten sent something hard (V5.)

After warming up they moved to the Left Fork to work on Kill by Numbers (V5.) The sun was beating down on the crew, but fortunately the problem was in a cave and shaded. The group made many attempts before Max, Jackie and Esten sent. Eric made really good progress but didn’t piece together the problem.


Then all the guys sent The Angler (V2) while Jackie was way too obsessed with a one move problem called Fire in the Hole (V6). Jon made the first send of Kelly’s Arête (V5), which had a topout that was not as great as it looked. Max continued the send train, but a tragic event occurred when Eric fell off the topout and hurt his heel.


After Eric was injured, the moved back to the Right Fork so Jackie could work Water Painting (V7) while the rest of the folks hydrated. Jackie worked the problem and Max bench pressed Jackie while spotting. After giving up they headed back to camp for a dinner and more hydration.

The next morning they crew woke up and headed off to New Joe’s to work Max and Art’s projects. With Eric’s bad heel, Jackie and Eric hiked down the refinery access road while the rest of the guys headed down the road to park and hike through the ravine to meet them at The Closet area where they warmed up and they all sent Bad Genes (V3,) Pimpin’ Jeans (V4) and the other problem on that boulder to close our The Closet.

The then headed to work on Max’s project, Planet of the Apes (V7) while Jackie repeatedly smashed her face into Chips (V7.) Max worked Planet of the Apes many times before sending the problem giving the send face and incorrectly asking for scotch by not saying “Scotch Me.” Esten made really good progress, making it to the top, but not sending.

And other things were sent. Photos to come.


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