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Red Spot (and Others) Went Bouldering

April 21, 2012

This was Seth’s first time at GS, right? And he’d never sent Apex before or put a finger on Vinyl.

Climbers: Max, Esten, Seth, Paul, Priscilla, Alice and Art
Brief Encounters: Maria, Bob, Robin, Jon, Kat and Jayce
Hydration: Talisker 18, Glenmorangie Lasanta, Southern Tier Oak Aged Unearthly, Stone Ruination and various Saranacs

The crew was originally planning to head to Coopers for a day trip, but the weather forecast changed drastically as the guys checked throughout Friday, so they decided to head to Governor Stable instead. Seth, wearing a red Patagonia Down Sweater (this will be explained later, so keep reading), and the rest of the guys arrived at Esten’s Saturday morning, they packed up the cars and headed out.  But as they were pulling out of the parking spot Priscilla rolled in … a little late. Luckily, she got there when she did or she’d be driving up by herself.

After their usual stop at Wegmans, they finally arrived and headed to the Mushroom Cap boulder to warm up on the various V0s and V1s. When they were done warming up, Esten setup the pads and made quick work on his project, Mushroom Cap (V3) — sending it on his first try that day. The group also worked on and sent Portobella (V2) and Bella (V3.) They also tried Fun Guy (V3) but couldn’t stick the first move.

 Esten sending Mushroom Cap (V3)

Esten sending Mushroom Cap (V3)

After wrapping up at the Mushroom Cap boulder the group headed over to the Circuit area where Art wanted to work Low Ride (V5) and Vinyl (V5.) But along the way, Esten decided that he should work C Sit since it was early in the day and his finger tips hadn’t been torn up yet, so he, Priscilla and Paul headed over there while the rest of the folks continued on to the Circuit area.

Max working Vinyl (V5)

Max working Vinyl (V5)

At the Circuit area they guys dropped the Mondo at Vinyl while Art threw his pad down at Low Ride and gave it a few burns. Seth made good progress on Low Ride although on one of his first goes he threw his heel and rocked over and essentially walked onto the face, asking whether that was cheating — which he was. The rest of the group that went over to C Sit met back at Apex where Priscilla called Seth Red Cloud because of his red Patagonia Down Sweater. Seth’s finger was also bleeding and he’d left a trail of red spots along Apex, so Art re-named him Red Spot.  This was apparently Seth’s first time on Apex as he slowly left a bloody trail along the crimps. After working on Apex and Low Ride for a bit, they moved over to Vinyl, which according to local lore, Seth sent the problem. But, that’s just rumors and hearsay.

Although Max and Alice made it the furthest on Vinyl no one managed to send that problem. But while everyone was gathered there, they looked over and saw Seth sending Apex, for the first time we assume. The group met up with Bob and Maria and headed up the hill to work on some of the sloper problems — a good idea considering the warm weather. Max and Esten were working on Slopey Dom (V5) and Dom Don’t Know (V3) and Art and Maria worked with the mediocre slopers on the start of The Gathering (V6,) which Jackie sent on a previous trip with ideal temperatures. After a few tries, they were able to grab the right jug above the slopers and worked to set their feet for the slab top out.  After a few more attempts Maria was able to get her feet in the right spot and managed to send the sloper problem on a warm spring day. With the day starting to end and they guys wearing out, Seth and Paul packed up and headed back to the car.  The other guys stayed in the Circuit area for a while longer.  Art tried a few more times on The Gathering, but couldn’t get his feet to stick in order to make the top out and decided to try on another day.  While Maria worked on Slopey Dom a bit, but couldn’t get too far so everyone packed up and moved on to other areas.

Maria sending The Gathering (V6)

Maria sending The Gathering (V6)

Maria and Bob stayed in the Circuit area to finish off the day, while the rest of the guys headed back to the car to head off to dinner. Along the way, they saw Seth and Paul at The Egg (V5) apparerntly they got distracted on their way back to the car. Esten and Art stayed their while Alice, Priscilla and Max continued  on their way, probably not realizing everyone stayed back.

They also met up with Robin, Jon, Kat and Jayce along with a few others.  While the guys were working the problem Seth sat on top of The Egg to point out the hold like Jackie did during their last mid-week bouldering trip. Esten and Paul made several attempts but will need to head back to finish their project. Ending their day, the guys packed up and set off again to the parking lot and for dinner at Bube’s Brewery.

Here’s Art’s photos from the day.

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  1. April 21, 2012 7:00 pm

    The shot of Paul on the Egg is the best

  2. April 21, 2012 8:51 pm


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