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That’s Not a Jug!!

April 9, 2012

Another weekend trip (or day trip, for some) to Coopers for some fun on the rocks.

Climbers: Jackie, Max, Esten, Pepper, Art, Eric, Jackie and Shane

Guest Climber: Pierre, Brian

Hydration: Talisker 18, Highland Park 12, Southern Tier Oak Aged Unearthly, Dogfish Head Aprihop, Jackie’s bottle of wine, Hercules Double IPA, Green Flash Palate Wrecker

The crew met up at the Earth Treks parking lot and headed off to Coopers, with a stop a Wegmans for some food. And like the last few times they headed to Coopers, Esten’s Jeep started smoking along I-68, so they stopped again at the gas station/liquor store to rinse of the bottom of the truck and pick up some tasty beers and a bottle of wine for Jackie. When they finally made it to Coopers, the gates were still closed so they hiked in to the new area they explored a couple of weeks before. Along the way, they ran into group of people competing in a game of Irish Road Bowling, which involved throwing a ball along the road. You’d think it was a drinking game, but we didn’t see any beers or flasks in hand. Not very Irish in our opinion.

Max sending Unnamed Arete

Max sending Unnamed Arete

Arriving at the new area, they explored the area a bit before warming up on the various slab problems the group tried on their last trip. They then moved on to the traverse where they worked on the arete problem at the start of the traverse. Max, Eric and Esten got the send before the group worked on the traverse while Pepper barked. Max was also the only one to send the traverse problem, even adding in a sit start to make it a bit harder.

The group packed up and moved down the hill to check out a overhang problem that Max scoped out earlier. There were a couple of lines on that boulder which the group worked on. Max wanted work on it first, but instead, he managed to break off many of the feet and some holds. Art thinks something happened at that boulder, but he decided to take a nap, so you need to use your imagination to figure out what happened.

Eric working Unnamed Overhang

Eric working Unnamed Overhang

With the sun setting, the group headed back to the cars, except Art and Esten decided to take a different route which turned out to go the wrong direction and took them through a swamp. Finally back to the parking lot, Esten, Art and Max headed to Sand Springs to camp for the night while Eric and Jackie headed home.

Pierre crushing The Allusionist (V7)

Pierre crushing The Allusionist (V7)

The next morning the guys met up with Shane and Pierre at Tilted Tree, conveniently driving there since this was the first day this season that the front gates were open. This was Pierre’s first time at Coopers so the guys wanted to show him the fun stuff. Shane and Pierre got there a bit before so, they warmed up by Moby’s Dick and when the rest of the guys arrived they headed down the hill to warm up on Exorexic (V3) and Proana (V4) before moving on to The Allusionist (V7.) The guys setup their pads and met up with Brian, who had come down from Ohio.

Pierre flashed the problem making it look easy, while the rest of the guys worked on it, except for Art, who didn’t bother wasting his energy — that is not a problem made for short weak-shouldered people. Esten made good progress on the problem while Shane put in some good efforts, blaming his hair for not sending. But, after borrowing Esten’s hat to keep his hair out of the way, he finally sent The Allusionist.

After crushing The Allusionist, the group moved on to Death Block (V6) to give it some good burns. The guys tried the problem for a while before Pierre sent all over it. Max had heard that the sit was easier for short people which gave Art some hope, but he didn’t make it too far. That statement must be caveated with “it’s an easier start for strong short people.” After trying a few more times, the guys packed up and headed over to Coral Area where Max wanted to work on The Wave (V7.) Pierre and Shane headed off to the Roadside Area to work on Shane’s project, Bizarro (V5) which remains a project for him, but like everything else Pierre touched, he sent it. Brian had worked Coral earlier so he headed off to find other problems to work on.

Esten working PC7 (V3)

Esten working PC7 (V3)

With a few people less, Max gave The Wave a few goes, but decided to move on to a highball around the corner, PC7 (V3.) The group had always talked about but never worked on it. The first several moves involved campusing, so Art sat this one out and just took some photos since his shoulder doesn’t allow him to do those types of moves. After scoping out the top, both Esten and Max set off to work the highball. They both made it to the top, but didn’t get the top out. The classic moment for the weekend was when Max got to the top and yelled out “That’s not a jug!” and then down climbed.

Tired and beaten, the guys called it a day and headed home.

Here’s Art’s photos from the weekend.

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