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Lou Pepe Kriekside Traverse

March 28, 2012

After our last trip to Governors, we asked our fellow boulderers a question which had caused much discussion amongst the Adventures in Pebble Wrestling crew:

If you’re working a V6 and use all the holds, but go the high route instead of the lower way on a traverse (which is easier), is it still a V6?

The question stemmed from Creekside Traverse, rated as V6 in the Governor Stable guidebook.  The choices were: 1) No, it’s a variation; 2) No, it should be downgraded; and 3) Yes

Well, votes have been cast, and the results of our terribly unscientific poll is that No, it’s a variation.  Although a Friends of Governor Stable Facebook admin noted: “It’s an ugly illegitimate variation, and anyone performing such will be punished with three lashes.”

Eric, who was the first of the crew to have done this variation last year, asked to name it Lou Pepe Kriekside Traverse after his favorite beer.  Hopefully Friends of Governor Stable will oblige and include it in the next edition of the guide.  Along with the warning about future punishment if someone should choose to send this variation.

Thanks to all who participated in the polling/discussion.  If you would like to add in your thoughts, visit the poll on Facebook or comment below.

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