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In Search of Coopers-Leaf Clovers

March 21, 2012

While some members of the crew stayed home to hydrate for St. Patrick’s Day, a small crew headed to Coopers for a weekend of fun in the sun and in search for some lucky charms.

Sorry, no pictures this trip, Art brought his camera, but not the batteries.

Climbers: Esten, Chris, Max W., Arthur and Pepper

Hydration: Talisker 18, Tyrconnell Irish Whiskey, Troegs Nugget Nectar, Victory Hop Wollop, 21st Amendment Allies Win the War, 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood, Firestone Walker Double Jack, Allagash Black, Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout and Chris’ Blue Moon

The weather forecasts were all over the place for the weekend, some sites showed constant rain predictions while others showed on a slight chance of rain and thunderstorms. The crew decided to take a chance and headed off to Coopers Saturday morning with another late start like the previous week. Esten and Art met up with Chris at the Frederick Wegmans and headed down the road from some more adventures in pebble wrestling. While going up the hills along I-68 Esten noticed that his Jeep was smoking so they made a (previously planned) pit stop at the Chestnut Liquor Store/Gas Station to check the Jeep and rinse off the catalytic converter which was smoking from a drip. Esten though that the leak was because the trans fluid was overfilled, so they continued on their way after Art picked up a case of Stone Ruination to bring home since the prices there are about $20 less per case compared to his usual beer store at home.

Arriving at Coopers, the parking lot was packed with families, hikers and boulderers out to enjoy some unseasonably warm weather — high 70s in mid-March (?!?!). The previous week, Esten wanted to get back to the Bowling Ball Boulder to work on one of his projects, but they never made it. So, that was an area at Tilted Tree the group planned on hitting up. After hiking in a few miles, they arrived at the Moby’s Dick Boulder to do their warm ups on the various slab problems in that area before moving to Moby’s Dick (V3) and a crack problem which they appropriately named Moby’s Taint, which Chris humped his way to the top out. The problem was done before, just not noticed until a family guy sent the problem before Chris and Esten jumped all over it.

After they were warmed up, they headed down the hill to the Lower Coral Area to work on The Bowling Ball Boulder — on a past trip, Esten sent The Shocker (V5) and wanted to work on the extension, The Punisher (V6) which starts on the Blue Problem and traverses left to meet up with The Shocker. Esten and Chris made good progress on The Punisher, but couldn’t get past the last dyno move. Art made a few attempts, but he now avoids problems with dynos, so just worked the traverse section. Although they didn’t get Esten’s project, Chris did send The Shocker statically without a need to dyno. Wrapping up the day they enjoyed some St. Paddy’s Day hydration with some single malt irish whiskey along with some other beverages (and Chris’ Blue Moon) and with the sun starting to set, the crew headed up the hill and back to the car to setup camp at Sand Springs Campground.

After setting up camp, Max joined the group for a night around the campfire and some dinner.  Max enjoyed some freeze-dried camping food while the rest of the group had some NY strip steak, quinoa and sautéed spinach along with some tasty microbrews. After some post-dinner drinks, the clouds opened up a bit and took a tinkle, so the guys headed to their tents for the evening. It sprinkled on-off throughout the night, but by morning, it was nothing but sunshine while they drank some breakfast beers (with their breakfast) — the Cappuccino Stout was tasty, but the previous week’s Southern Tier Choklat Stout was tastier, in Art’s opinion. After breakfast, they packed up and started to get ready for Coopers, but the clouds had a different plan and opened up on the group.  They decided to string up a tarp and were about to call it a day, but the rain quickly stopped, so they continued on their way to Coopers.

Last weekend the crew noticed some boulderers walking away from some boulders about 0.9 mile from the front gates. This weekend, the group decided to do some exploring and check out that unexplored area and see what kinds of fun they could have. Walking down the hill, they came on some boulders, all which could use a good cleaning to reveal various problems. So they split up to clean some boulders and see what they could fine.  Esten worked on a problem in a corridor, but the holds turned out to be a bit too fragile. Max worked on a tall slab climb while Chris cleaned up a fin problem. While, Art worked on an easy vertical arête. They moved around on the various problems and then moved down to Chris’ fin problem. Art was the first to send, followed by the other guys.

They then moved on to some highball problems which Art had no desire to do, so he just watched the guys send them. They then moved onto a fun-long traverse to a crack which Chris and Max sent. Esten made good progress but his fat fingers struggled on the traverse and Art’s shoulders couldn’t make the long throws which Chris and Max made easily. They then took a hydration break before moving on to some more tall slab problems before wrapping up the day and heading home.

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  1. March 22, 2012 6:22 am

    Nice post, and the name of this previously un-climbed “fin problem” is ? Congrats Art, tack on just an other FA to your list.

  2. May 9, 2017 1:39 pm

    LauraNoi ne-am cumparat deja bilete pentru litoralul bulgaresc. Este mult mai ok raportul pret – caliatte.Vom sta acolo 8 zile, in rest munca si iar munca


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