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Why Is There a Crash Pad on the Highway?

March 16, 2012

According to Arthur’s calendar, it’s been just about 5 months since the crew was last at Coopers. And, yes, he does actually mark his climbing trips in his Outlook calendar.

Climbers: Esten, Priscilla, Josh, Arthur, Max and Pepper

Hydration: Talisker 18, Glenmorangie Astar, Firestone Double Jack, Southern Tier Un-Earthly, Southern Tier Choklat Stout, 21st Amendment Live Free or Die IPA, 21st Amendment Allies Win the War, Black Diamond Rampage, Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

For the first couple of months this year, the crew has been heading to Governor Stable, but with nice weather over the weekend they decided to make a return to Coopers for some camping and climbing (and hiking since the gates are still closed.) Heading out Saturday morning, they stopped by the Frederick Wegmans to pick up some camping food (i.e. dry-aged prime ny strip) before continuing on the road where along the way they made a special discovery — there’s a gas station/liquor store at exit 22 on I-68 that sells a really good selection of microbrews. Josh picked up some 21st Amendment Live Free or Die IPA and Art grabbed some Stone Vertical Epic to bring back home.

Active Logging

Active Logging at Tilted Tree

Finally making it to Coopers, they packed up their gear and hydration and started the 3 mile hike to the rocks.  Sadly, along the way they saw several signs warning park visitors about Truck Crossings and Active Logging. It’s a shame when nature is torn up like this, but at least it’s not directly impacting climbers. The climbing areas are still open, although at Tilted Tree you do have to walk along a loggers access road, so you may need to dodge a truck or two.

The crew started off at the Roadside Area and warmed up on the Mad Butcher Block where the group spent a while warming up Mad Butchers Traverse (V2/3) before Josh and Esten sent the problem.  They continued their sending on Robbery (V0+) and Hangover Helper (V2/3.)

Josh on Scar (V3)

Josh on Scar (V3)

After warming up Art suggested they go over to the Mr. Clean Corridor.  They started with Black Bart (V3) and then moved onto Coopers Rockette (V6) which adds the direct start to Scar (V3) which Josh sent.  But, try as they might, no one was able to do Coopers Rockette, so Josh instead sent Scar, with a questionable dab on the tree.

Since they got a late start at Coopers, they decided to wrap up the day at the Warm Up Boulder so that Josh could try Bizarro (V5). He made a few attempts but didn’t make much progress. It remains a project for next time. Wrapping up on Warm Up Boulder Arete (V4) they headed off for their hike back to the car then off to the campground, unlike previous trips to Chestnut, this time they went to Sand Springs. When they arrived the camp office was closed so they setup camp and Esten and Art headed into town to pick up some firewood.

However, when the guys hopped in the Jeep, they failed to realize that the roof top carrier was open (Priscilla needed to grab her two sleeping pads, which went with her two sleeping bags.) A few minutes down the highway, Esten asked if they closed the carrier to which Art said “no.” Pulling over, Art closed the carrier which lacked his Organic crash pad and slider, but luckily his shoes were still there, dangling from the side. They continued onto the store to grab the firewood and some water and headed back to search for the crash pad. They backtracked, not finding the crash pad, so they decided to continue the search in the morning when they could easily see. Back at camp, they cooked up their dry-aged prime strip and tenderloins and enjoyed some more hydration before getting some sleep for the next day of bouldering.

Esten was the first to wake the next morning and he headed off to search for the crash pad.  Luckily he found it along the median, opened up, which means someone found it, opened it and obviously left it because they had no use for a folded piece of foam. Lucky for Art. Sadly, he also realized his flask was missing and must have been lost on the hike back the night before. After breakfast with some Whole Foods Black Forest Bacon and some tasty breakfast beer, the crew headed to Coopers to meet up with Max, who came up for the day before hiking down to Tilted Tree. Pepper who had been limping the previous day now had a very swollen toe, but was still able to join the group for another fun day.

I am Max, I am Tall

I am Max, I am Tall

They started in the Tilted Tree Corridor area and warmed up some highballs — Black Scar (V1), Gag Reflux (V3) and Rubric’s Cube (V4/5) which Max all sent, thanking his tallness many times at the top. Esten made some good progress on the not quite warm up problems and Josh sent Gag Reflux. Art suffering from allergies worked on Black Scar, but gave up and just took pictures, sadly missing his flask.

Since Josh had never been to the Anti-Elvis Area and Priscilla had one of her projects Elvis Legs to work on, the group packed up their gear and headed off to that area.  Once they got there, they threw down their crash pads and luckily Art had his as well.  Josh began working on Anti-Elvis (V4) and Priscilla worked on Elvis Legs (V2) while the rest of the guys watched and spotted.  Josh made good progress on Anti-Elvis figuring out the top and bottom, so he just needs to link them to get his send.  Max was looking around the boulder for something to work on and spotted some fun on the wall to the right of Anti-Elvis. The crew (minus Art, who’s allergies was getting worse) worked on those 2 problems a bit before sending them.  Max also found a new project on the arete at the entrance to the area and made some progress on the problem and will likely send it on the next trip.  With the sun starting to go down, the crew packed up and headed back to the parking lot to head home.

Priscilla working an Unnamed Problem

Priscilla working an Unnamed Problem

It was a great weekend for the crew’s return to Coopers, but it wouldn’t be a return to Coopers without a stop at Puccini on the way home for some of their cream of crab soup, pizzas and burgers. With Governor Stable warming up and soon to be overrun with bugs, they are sure to make many more trips to Coopers.

Here’s Art’s photos from the weekend.

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  1. Priscilla McGee permalink
    March 16, 2012 12:19 pm

    Art! Why didn’t you list yourself as one of the climbers? I do remember you doing some climbing my friend.
    Also, sorry about the crash pad incident! I didn’t know that was my fault 😦 , I did close and lock it, but maybe it didn’t latch right?!
    Thanks for putting up with my doubling up. It may have been over kill (I thought it was going to be colder that night) but I slept like a baby! 😀


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