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Jackie goes spelunking (and other stories)

March 6, 2012

Apparently we were some of the only people that got the memo about the awesome climbing weather at GS on Sunday.  Sadly, Seth missed the memo.

The climbers: Esten, Art, Max, Shane, Josh, Jackie, and Erin
Hydration: Talisker 18, Bulleit Rye, Black Diamond Rampage, New Belgium Biere de Mars

Sunday was a reunion of sorts, as Erin, a former Earth Trekker, joined the crew from her current home of Doylestown.  Unlike the weekend before, when massive swarms of boulderers descended on Governor Stable, only 3 other cars were in the parking lot when we arrived.

Josh working Lowride (V5)

Josh working Lowride (V5)

The day began by warming up in the Circuit Area.  Maybe Dom Don’t Know got its name because someone named Dom just don’t know why it is a V3.  Still, none of us could figure the first move out.  After warmups, the weather seemed almost perfect for working the sloper problems around the corner.  The guys may have regretted losing so much skin to Slopey Dom (V5) without any sends.  It will remain a project for the next time there’s sloperific weather.  Jackie gave up some blood to The Gathering (V6), but at least she got a send for her pain.  Art was pretty close, but the problem got him this time.

Moving down the hill, Esten won his battle with Apex (V4) and was actually quite disappointed with the climb post-send.  Too much buildup.  Shane also sent Apex.  Those of us who haven’t yet sent Low Ride (V5) worked on that for a bit but got tired.

Next up was C-Sit (V5).  Last week, there were professional photographer looking people with giant flashes taking photos of some girls trying this problem.  Jackie was kind of annoyed because 1) this was preventing her from attempting the problem again (she fell off the top out the week before) and 2) they weren’t even getting to the top out while we were there.  Max had to explain that sometimes it doesn’t matter if girls are sending or not.  *Sigh*  Anyways, Jackie sent the problem this time, partially thanks to there being much less debris on the top.  Shane and Max and his mummy fingers tried to figure out alternate beta for people without Jackie fingers, but it was not to be that day.  Esten lapped everyone that was trying MRI (V2).

Erin working Mushroom Crack (V1)

Erin working Mushroom Crack (V1)

Set on proving the Governors guidebook wrong, Max and Esten disposed of Only Olson (V3) (Shane had already sent it).  So much for people over 5’6″ needing to forget about this problem.

This day, like so many others, ended on the Mushroom Boulder.  Inspired by Erin’s progress, Jackie finally sent Mushroom Crack (V1).  And by sending we mean wedging herself in between the boulder on top of a boulder,donning a helmet and headlamp, and crawling her way through stalactites and stalagmites.  Well, not exactly, but there was some crawling involved.  Too bad Art didn’t post a photo of it.  Erin sent the problem much more beautifully and did not go spelunking.  Jackie maintains that this was her hardest send of the day, despite sending a 5 and a 6, and the Mushroom Boulder is the most sandbagged boulder at GS.  Further proving this point, Shane, Josh, and Esten continued to try to send Mushroom Cap (V3) but the problem continues to laugh at them.  Max’s head just might explode if someone in the crew other than him doesn’t send this problem soon.  Next time we’ll experiment with going to the Mushroom Boulder early in the day and see if that makes a difference.

Again we went to Bube’s for food and beer.  We contemplated whether next time we should attend a murder mystery dinner.  And Josh was relieved that we didn’t make him eat a Habenero fritter again.  Max promised to provide entertainment on the way home but that basically consisted of a political argument.  Luckily Jackie wasn’t holding anything she could throw. 😉

Oh, and Art took some more photos:

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  1. March 6, 2012 7:59 pm

    I Would love to be the one to cause Max’s head to explode, consider that V3 as good as sent! Time’s Ticking Maxwell

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