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Seth can’t stop singing

February 27, 2012

Now that Friends of GS sells day passes, Governors sure is the place to be this non-winter.  It never used to be this crowded, even when it cost 1/3 as much for a season’s pass!

The climbers: Esten, Seth, Max, Josh, and Jackie
Guest appearance: Robin
Hydration: Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA, Esten’s flask

While Art, Shane and Seb were living it up at HP40, some of the rest of us refused to sit in a corner and feel sorry for ourselves.  And despite his complaints about being old and decrepit, Seth rejoined the crew after a long hiatus from outside bouldering and crushed rock.  And sang a lot.  About Jackie.  While she was climbing.  And the day ended with some ridiculous Italian accents.  At least there was plenty of entertainment.

We started off by warming up on the B.C.B. boulder in the Circuit Area.  Then, Seth, Josh and Jackie sent Apex (V4) while Esten cursed his giant fingers.  A large group then descended around the boulder to work on Low Ride (V5).  Max sent his goal for the day early on.  Seth and Jackie both got to the end of the traverse but were unable to put the send together.  It will have to wait until next time, which may be another 6 or 7 months for Seth.  But maybe he’ll surprise us and actually make it out to GS again sometime soon.

The crew moved on to the 45 boulder after a large group left the area, only to see it swarmed by even more people a few minutes later.  Jackie squeezed in a few burns on the 45 (V7) but soon got tired of the crowd.  Robin, on his first trip to GS, came over and flashed the 45 Traverse (V4).  Seth was intrigued by Vinyl (V5), a problem that no one in the crew had ever tried or seen anyone try, and he was the only one of us to send it.

The next stop was the Juggernaut Area, where Jackie and her Jackie fingers easily resent Juggernaut (V5) and the rest of the crew gave her the death stare.  To quote Robin, “I thought I liked you, but now I’m not sure.”  Seth, Josh, and Jackie also sent Huck Norris (V5) and looking down from the top of the boulder it was decided that the topout to Huck Left (also V5) was just too ridiculous looking.  Esten resent Cobra (V5) in front of an adoring crowd.

The end of the day mostly consisted of Max gloating in an Italian accent about how he could send Mushroom Cap (V3) while no one else in the crew, including those who weren’t there, couldn’t.  Oh, and Seth and Esten falling off the problem while speaking in the same accent.  (Jackie stands there just shaking her head.)  Then came time for dinner at Bube’s Brewery (we can’t make this stuff up!) and more Italian accents even though the guys promised to stop.  *Sigh*

Art wasn’t there, but we still had to get some photographic evidence that Seth went bouldering outside.

Seth working Low Ride (V5)

Max on Low Ride (V5)

Josh sending Apex (V4)

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