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Art and Max went bouldering

February 21, 2012

This post is alternately titled “The Return of Maxi/Mini-mus, Take 2” or “Jackie gets spit off the top of yet another boulder problem” or ‘Is that sound Max giving birth?”

The climbers: Art and Max
The pack mules: Esten and Jackie
Guests: Ben and Dayne
Hydration: Talisker 18, The Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask, Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA

After a couple weekends of icky weather, 2012’s unusually warm winter temps returned last Saturday and provided a beautiful day for a trip to Governors.  Max rejoined the crew for a second time after his inability to just chill while a boulder sits in front of him set back his permanent return to outside bouldering for a month.

Esten working Vulture (V7)

Esten working Vulture (V7)

For half of us, the warmups were the only sends of the day.  That’ll teach us to get some sleep before bouldering.  The first project was Vulture (V7), a sweet looking problem in a corridor in the Juggernaut area.  After making little progress, the crew went on to the Juggernaut boulder to work on the various problems there.  We seemed to need more pads for Jugarete (V6)/Jugarete Traverse (V7) (who decided to throw a huge pile of large branches on the ground?), so that project was soon abandoned to work on the V5s on the boulder.  Maximus turned into Minimus when he attempted Juggernaut (V5) – apparently being super tall isn’t quite good enough and he needed to stack three pads to coddle a hold.  Lame.  Jackie made it to the topouts of both Huck Norris and Huck Left (both V5s) but didn’t send either.  Double lame.  There’s a photo in the guidebook of a guy sending Huck Left in the 1980s, and that might very well be the last time it was sent based on how dirty the holds and topout was.  If you want dirt in your eyes, then this is the problem for you!  Finally, Art sent Huck Norris and we could admit that we went bouldering.

Max working Low Ride (V5)

Max working Low Ride (V5)

Needing a change in scenery, we moved over to the Cave Area and started working on C-Sit (V5).  Jackie did what she does best, and was spit off the ridiculously slopey topout.  Max proved he was back by sending Jon’s Roof (V5).  Apparently he didn’t like being called Minimus.  And we met up with Ben and Dayne as they tiredly worked on MRI (V2).

The day ended with Max consuming large amounts of FRS and ignoring the lessons from his first return attempt back in January.  Throughout the day, the guys were joking about Max being pregnant, and the screams coming from Low Ride (V5) sure sounded like he was giving birth.  Hopefully it won’t be another month before Max can boulder outside again.  Unfortunately, the sun went down before the problem could be sent.  The obstacle course that is the trail through GS sure is more fun in the dark.

The crew stopped at Bully’s for food on the way back, where the waiter could not figure out the difference between Esten’s request for soda water and regular non-carbonated water.  At least we all got the beers we ordered.

Below are Art’s photos from the day:

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