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A Cold Day Bouldering Outside is Better Than Being Indoors

January 24, 2012

After the previous weekend’s warm spring-like weather, this weekend was clearly winter.

Climbers: Ben, Rob, Art
Hydration: 21st Amendment/Ninkasi Allies Win The War, Lagunitas Maximus

There was initially several folks interested in bouldering outside on MLK JR. Day, but alas, the cold temps scared them away.  But, one advantage of the winter temperatures, the usually muddy walk in through the swamp was just a nice stroll over frozen dirt. So, being Ben’s first time at GS he didn’t get the full muddy-filled experience.

After warming up on the various V0s on the Demi-Loaf boulder the group walked over to the classic GS highball, Bread Loaf Arete (V4). Everyone made good progress on the problem, but only Ben figured out some of the footwork and got past the undercling. However, he wasn’t quite able to make it to top. This will go next time.

Ben working Bread Loaf Arete (V4)

Ben working Bread Loaf Arete (V4)

Moving on, they headed down the hill to hit up another classic, Juggernaut (V5), a fun dihedral crack problem. And, even with the icy temps, the landing around the problem was warmed by the sun and thawed to a muddy slip and slide where we saw one guy slip, but managed to land on his hands.  Juggernaut is a problem that Art’s been working for years, but has never had much success sending.  But that was going to change this day.  Working in with a bunch of other guys and eventually figuring out the correct beta he was able to send it and cross that problem off his list.

Rob on Casablanca (V3)

Rob on Casablanca (V3)

With the sun starting to go down and the temps falling the group headed over to check out Casablanca (V3) which Ben and Rob quickly sent before moving and wrapping up on to Moby’s Dick (V5). This is a problem that Rob worked on during his last visit, but didn’t get much time to work on it.  This time around, he made good progress on the problem and just needs to link the first and second halves together.

Although it was too cold for most people and they decided not to go, it was a great day bouldering outside.

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  1. January 25, 2012 9:54 am


    I love your stuff! I have been bouldering lately at Bushwhack Rocks near Frederick, MD. If you want a tour hit me up.

    Here is a sample –

    • January 25, 2012 9:52 pm

      Thanks Brian. We’ll have to check out Bushwhack sometime soon. How much is out there?

      • January 26, 2012 7:58 am

        There is about 100 problems right now. At least 100 more that can be cleaned up.

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