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Taming the Cobra

January 10, 2012

T-shirt weather in January = sending at Govenors.

The climbers: Esten, Art, Shane, Seb, Jackie, Eric, Priscilla, and Rob
Hydration: Talisker 18, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Crispin Honey Crisp Cider, Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse, Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale, Breckenridge 471 IPA, Southern Tier 2XIP

Some of us have been climbing at Governors for years (well, except for when it was closed) and finally, it was here!  A real guidebook!  (And one that some of our names are even in at the end 🙂 )  Upon arrival on an unusually warm January Saturday, we quickly scooped up a few copies.  (P.S. The FroGS are awesome for making this happen.)

The crew started out by warming up in the Moby Area.  And, ummm, well, the guide might already have to be revised.  You all can thank Art, who broke off part of the start hold of Only Olson (V3).  So is it still V3?  Well, the book says that if you’re over 5’6″, you should forget about it anyways, so who knows.  Although 5’10” Showtime Shane  sure showed that short person problem (tongue twister anyone?) who was boss, and that was after the hold broke.

Esten sending Cobra (V5)

Esten sending Cobra (V5)

Next up was the Mushroom Cap boulder, which is where all the sandbagged problems at Governors are concentrated.  The crew couldn’t seem to send Mushroom Cap (V3).  And Jackie decided that Mushroom Crack was way too much effort for a V1.  After expelling much energy on unsuccessful low grade pursuits, some crews might have been dejected.

Shane sending Juggernaut (V5)

Shane sending Juggernaut (V5)

But not this crew.  For it was time to tame Cobra (V5), Esten’s project.  V5 proved to be much more doable than mushroom-shaped V3s.  Shane disposed of Cobra, and then Esten, having acquired shoes that didn’t fall apart mid-climb, also got the send.  During this time Priscilla made quick work of the problems on the Demi-loaf boulder.  Then came Juggernaut (V5), which was sent by Showtime Shane (sensing a theme here?) and became Seb’s first outdoor V5.  Jackie thought she was sending Huck Norris (V5) until she started to do the top out (also a sad, recurring theme).  And then the crew worked on Jugarete Traverse (V7), which will remain a project until next time.

The 45 boulder was next, and Esten, Shane, Seb, and Rob all sent 45 Traverse (V4) for the first time, while Art resent it.  Esten tried to remove the dark circles under his eyes with snack food.  Jackie worked on 45 Stand (V7), and will have to remember to try this one earlier in the day next time.  The last stop was at Casablanca (V3) so Seb could send the Governors classic on his first trip there.  And, of course, Eric sent the growler.

The crew ended the day with some yummy food and excellent beers at Bullys Pub.

Here are Art’s photos from the day:

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