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Hello Hong Kong, We Have Arrived

December 13, 2011

After nearly two days sitting in airplanes, they’ve arrived in Hong Kong for some bouldering and dim sum.

climbers: Jackie, Ryland, Marie and Art
Hydration: Talisker 18, Bear Beer, Bear Beer Extra Stong (12%), XXXX Gold, Merrydown Dry Cider, Merrydown Medium Cider and a random bottle of wine

It’s shocking that more people don’t come to Hong Kong for bouldering and climbing, everywhere is a short MTR and bus ride from the city and the city offers so much tasty fun. The first day after landing, we met up with Marie and Ryland and headed to Mong Kok for some amazing hot pot rice dinners and a lunar eclipse. This was followed up by some dessert at Marie’s favorite dessert spot.

The 2nd day the group had some amazing dim sum at the Hong Kong City Hall before jumping on the MTR and bus to head to Shek O, the wedding picture Mecca of Hong Kong. We’ve never seen so many couples posing for pictures near some amazing boulders next to the water. Theg warmed up on various V1s and V2s before moving on to the Cellar where The group sent Angels Delight (V3) and worked on Lok and Load (V7) and Cellar Dweller (V4-V6). As the sun went down Ryland worked on a highball V6, Enigma before heading back to the village to get some coffee and jumping on the bus and MTR back to Central.

The next day the group meet up with Joseph Ng and his friend Felix for some noodle breakfast in Mong Kok before heading to Ha Fa Shan in Tsuen Wan for some bouldering high above the city’s skyscrapers. But that view also came with a long and steep climb up the mountain. The group warmed up on the Summit Boulder while Ryland sent Aretenaphobia (V4). Moving on, the group started working on an unnamed V8 on the Hillside Boulder, which Ryland sent before enjoying a nice wine picnic with Marie. Jackie and Art walked down the hill a bit to end the day sending Nipple Grazer (V4).

The next day, the group met at Exchange Square and headed to Chung Hom Kok. The guide said that the easier approach on a private road is possible when the guard isn’t present, but they weren’t lucky and had to make their way down to the beach for an arduous scramble across some sketchy coastal slab. After what turned out to be a 3 hour slab hike the group made it to the Piers Boulder before deciding to move onto The Wave where Jackie, Ry and Marie sent Geoffs Arête (V3) before trying Patena (V6). The group then decided to move to The Mothership who’s description in the guide book reads “Its huge, so huge in facts there’s not a single line up it yet.”
Looking for something new, Ry scrambled over some other large boulders in search of some other problems, but with the sun starting to set the group made their way up the much easier approach to the private road. Heading back to the city, ready for another day of pebble wrestling.

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  1. December 14, 2011 12:27 pm

    That sounds like it would be a ton of fun! I have never really considered Hong Kong, I think much of the Asia publicity has centered around Thailand. China is another place that people do not necessarily equate with climbing as well. But my buddy got into rock climbing while he was living in China with his wife.

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