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Time to be a Redneck

November 11, 2011

Two more great days at HP40 with a strong breeze and sunshine on Thursday and perfect conditions on Friday. With the group recharged after their rest day on Wed, they were ready for some sending.

Climbers: Jackie, Esten, Pricilla, Art, Kevin
Hydration: Talisker 18, Good People IPA, Holy Mackerel Mack in Black Imperial Black Ale, Tallgrass IPA, Hercules Double IPA, Avery Joe’s Pilsner, and Jackie’s wine box, Rex Goliath Cabernet, Ménage à Trois Red

After spending the previous rainy rest day in Birmingham grocery shopping, eating and resting the crew woke early for breakfast and to search for a set of missing rental car keys. Although breakfast was a success, the search was not.

Kevin sending Red Arrow 2 (V3)

Kevin sending Red Arrow 2 (V3)

Setting out, the group warmed on the various Groove problems on the Flat Roof boulder where Kevin, Esten and Art sent Red Arrow 2 (V3) before splitting up and heading to the Eight Ball and High Life Boulders. Kevin sent The Kind Flake (V3) while Art sent Brawn (V3) again. The group met back up where they played on the fun, slopey top out on Chasers (V2), which Art, Esten, Kevin, and Jackie sent. Moving back to the High Life boulder, Priscilla made some good attempts on The Kind Flake and Art and Esten sent it.

Priscilla working Chasers (V2)

Priscilla working Chasers (V2)

Ready to send something harder than a V3, the group headed to The Point boulder to spend the next several hours on Redneck (V6). After many tries, Kevin figured out the sequence and sent the problem, while Jackie nearly made it to the top out before falling. Meanwhile, Esten walked to the Crown Boulder and sent The Crown (V3).

Arthur working Whiplash (V5)

Arthur working Whiplash (V5) Photo: Esten Abell

Kevin sending Redneck (V6)

Kevin sending Redneck (V6)

The next day, the crew warmed up on Turtle Rock and in the surrounding area. Art sent Panty Raid (V3). Then, after many attempts, Jackie figured out new beta for Whiplash (V5), and she and Art sent it. Art, Esten and Kevin worked on two V5s, Sideline and Wasteland, but were unsuccessful. The guys then enjoyed some burgers, a game of chess, and cupcakes at the camp restaurant. During this time, Priscilla sent Careless (V2).

As the day winded down, the crew made their way to The Point again since Jackie was obsessed with Redneck (V6) After again falling off the top, she thought she was out of juice when making a few more failed attempts. But, then, just in time for the sun to set, she finally sent the problem and joined the group of climbers at the top of the boulder watching the sky.

In the darkness, Esten sent V2s Lady Slipper variation and Careless. The crew then enjoyed another delicious campfire dinner by Chef Kevin. After a nice dinner and finishing up the last of the Talisker Art, Kevin, and Jackie headed to the airport 15-hours early so Jackie could get replacement keys for her rental car.

Here are Art’s photos from the trip.

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