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Last Day at Stone Fort

November 7, 2011

This was our last day at Stone Fort, but we could spend the rest of the week here.

Climbers: Jackie, Pricilla, Esten, Kevin, Art
Hydration: Ardbeg Alligator, Lagavulin 16, New Belgium 1554, Rogue Dead Guy Ale

We started the day at a great breakfast spot, Aretha Frankensteins, before heading to Stone Fort.

Priscilla on Warm Up Arete

Priscilla on Warm Up Arete (V2)

This day we headed to a different area —  the Main Area, and warmed up on the Frontside boulder’s Warm Up Arête (V2) and Brian’s Brian (V1) problems. We then worked Main Area Traverse (V6), Life is Goodlett (V6) and Tristar (V4). Good progress was made, but sadly, they remain projects until we return.

Esten sending Block and Tackle V2

Esten sending Block and Tackle (V2)

Jackie and Kevin walked off to explore some other problems while Priscilla and Esten worked Block and Tackle (V2), a super highball. After several attempts, Esten earned the “send of the day” as he worked his way up and over the problem.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Kevin worked A Face in the Crowd (V7) and Grimace (V8). After Esten finished up his highball, the rest of the group met up with Kevin and Jackie where Arthur sent Pocket Pool (V4).

To wrap up the night, well after the sun had set, the group decided to play on the Sternum Boulder, where the day before some random climbers recognized Jackie as her own same-named doppelgänger asking her if they had met 5-years before at Sternum, only to learn that this was her first time there. With everyone donning headlamps, Jackie was the first to send The Ribcage (V3) followed by Kevin. Priscilla made some strong attempts, but couldn’t keep her heel up. The group then made some attempts one Sternum (V5) before packing up an heading off to Taco Mamacitas for some good tacos, Peruvian chicken and to say farewell to Dyta, who graciously opened up her apartment to a group of dirty climbers.

Kevin sending The Ribcage V3

Kevin sending The Ribcage (V3)

After a good dinner, the group grabbed some coffee and sweets at Rembrandts and then headed back towards Birmingham for another several days of bouldering at Horse Pens 40.

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