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A Fall That Didn’t End in the Hospital

October 25, 2011

Great weather and a fun day at Mt. Gretna with 2 area virgins, Esten and Josh and a fall that didn’t end in an hospital visit.

Climbers: Esten, Josh and Art
Hydration: Talisker 18, Breckenridge 471 IPA, Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale

After bouldering and getting lost at Mt. Gretna the previous weekend, it was a bit hopeful that the crew wouldn’t get lost this weekend … but, that story will have to wait.

Josh on Coleflesh Direct

Josh on Coleflesh Direct

Upon arriving at the Park at Governor Dick, the crew headed to the Coleflesh area to warm up on various easy V0s with Esten and Josh sent most of the warm-ups including a high-ball arête problem. After the quick and ineffective warm ups, the group walked down the hill to make several failed attempts on Coleflesh Direct V5. Note to ourselves: going from warm-ups to V5s is not the best strategy.

Art then decided to lead the group to the Smiley area, noting to himself that the slightly hidden trail was a few minutes past the Adjuster Boulder.  After walking a bit, having reached the high-ball boulder Art realized that he got lost again.  Being at the High-Ball Boulder Esten and Josh decided make an attempt on Brady Arête before giving up and working their way up the down climb arête. Art expressed zero desire to make any attempts on the highball, so the group packed up and headed up the hill to the prow area … only to get lost again.

Apparently, heading up past the trail leading to the Prow area, the group stumbled upon a low-ball boulder and some other fun looking problems behind it, which proved to be a bit dangerous.

Unknown Problem

The "Stop Fingering Your Ass" Boulder

Checking out the surrounding area, Esten decided to mantle up a fun looking problem but decided against topping out and dropped down, slipping off the edge of the ledge and falling back and down several feet.  Fortunately a rotting log broke his fall and he missed several small boulders in his landing zone. Having survived with only a sore ass and headache, Art commented that Esten had a bloody hole in the rear of his pants, which he proceeded to finger. Hence our name for the little boulder.

After taking a brief rest and beer/scotch break, the crew started working on the low ball problem with Esten and Art sending the easier top out section.

Josh working Smiley Face

With the sun starting to set, the group headed down the hill in search of the Smiley Area, this time managing to finding it. Art verbally showed Josh and Esten the beta to the problem while enjoying some Ten Fidy, but alas, even with their additional reach, the crew was too exhausted to send.

Which, strangely enough,although there was plenty of hiking, there wasn’t much sending on this trip.

After failing on Smiley Face, the group headed back to the Center while making a quick stop at the 45 Boulder for Josh to make a few attempts on Exhibit A (V8).

The crew ended the evening with a visit to JoBoys for some BBQ and beer.

Here’s some of Art’s photo from the trip:

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  1. esten abell permalink
    November 15, 2011 12:27 am

    Today the scab I got from my fall @ Mt. Gretna fell off my ass but my pants are still ripped. Just thought you should know.

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