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October 12, 2011

Fall is in the air, leaves are changing colors, temps are falling and friction is improving … but no projects were sent.

The Climbers: Esten, Priscilla, Chris, Art, Max, Josh, Marie, Ryland, Jackie, Hannah, Chuck and Devonn
Hydration: Stone Ruination IPA, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA, Coronado Islander IPA, 21st Amendment Back in Black, Baxter Pamola Xtra Pale Ale, Ardbeg Ueagadail, Glenmorangie 10

There are few things better with the return of fall than cooler temps, bouldering and camping. And this weekend brought it all. The first group, Esten, Priscilla, Chris and Art, headed out Friday night for a couple nights of camping and bouldering with the rest of the group coming out on Sunday.

Chris on Moby's Dick

Chris on Moby's Dick

Day 1: After a night of quality beers and a bonfire, the group set out the next morning to play with the pebbles at the Tilted Tree area. After warming up on the easy slab problems on the backside of the Moby’s Dick Boulder the group proceeded to play on Moby’s Dick and Moby’s Mantle, which Esten mantled up into a mossy & apparently bug-infested top out resulting in various itchy red splotches and bite marks.

The group then walked down the hill to work on Fact or Friction which Esten, Chris and Art had previously sent, however, Art was the only one to repeat the problem that day.

Looking for something different than the last few trips to Coopers the group headed to the Elvis area where Priscilla worked on one of her projects, Elvis Legs V3 which will remain a project until next time.  At least Chris sent both Anti- Elvis V4 and he and Esten sent Elvis Legs.  Art played on the boulders a bit, but just decided to drink some 90 Minute IPA while Priscilla, frustrated with her project, left the guys and wandered of to a different area.

Chris sending Anti-Elvis

Chris sending Anti-Elvis V4

They guys, trying to decide whether wrap up the day or find another area, finally packed up to look forPriscilla who was found shredding her finger tips on a crimpy V3 next to Fact or Friction. The crew made a decision to head to Tilted Tree where Esten sent Black Scar V1 before they gave up and headed back to camp for some dinner, wine, beer and to meet up with the new Max.

Day 2: The following morning the group woke early, made breakfast, drank some Black Chocolate Stout and headed out to warm up on the Mad Butchers Block boulder in the Roadside Area. (By the way, our early start was around 10:30A, which is 2 hours earlier than usual start time.)  After warming up, the crew headed to Chris’ project, Helicopter V5, and to meet the rest of the crew starting to arrive including virgin outdoor boulderer, Chuck.  The group made various attempts on Helicopter, but, as was the theme for the weekend, that project remains for another day.

Max on Helicopter

Max on Helicopter V5

Moving on, the group headed to Upper Rock City to work on their various projects: Tomb Raider Roof Sit V7 / Stand V5, Ships Traverse Variation V3 and Roundhouse V5.

Marie on Tomb Raider Roof V5

Marie on Tomb Raider Roof V5

Upon arriving, splitting off to Tomb Raider Roof and Ship’s Traverse, the group continued their streak for the weekend. Art drank some Ruination, Hannah sent Ship’s Mantle, Max got Ship’s Traverse Variation and Marie made great progress on Tomb Raider Roof Stand making it to the top only to peel off the top out. Meanwhile, Ryland sent the Sit V7 and developed a variation to Tomb Raider Roof which moves out below the lip towards the far right. Fortunately, conditions at Coopers will only improve with the cooler temperatures and Art will finally send the Sit V7.

As an end to the weekend the group finally headed to Roundhouse to face Jackie’s nemesis and to play on Princes and Frogs V6 and Pure Power V4.  Josh and Ryland sent Roundhouse, but, sadly and again, Jackie peeled off the the top of Roundhouse. Next time, and as we always say, but fail to do, we will work Roundhouse when we are fresh.

Defeated Again by Roundhouse

Defeated Again by Roundhouse

Although our projects remain for another fall weekend the days were still enjoyable hanging out with old and new friends.

Here are Art’s photos from the trip:

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  1. October 13, 2011 3:57 pm

    this roundhouse thing has transcended the trilogy realm… it’s now a multi-faceted and extended battle of good vs. evil or aka, the send?!?

    • October 18, 2011 2:43 pm

      The hero will one day prevail over the evil topout. Well, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.


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