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Hit it, robot mime…and more from a weekend at the Gunks

September 9, 2011

The Gunks recovered from flash floods the week before and mother nature gave us two non-rainy days for climbing during Labor Day weekend.

The climbers: Art, Esten, Bob, Jackie, Shane, Marie, Ryland, KanKan, Paul, and Pepper
Hydration: Talisker 18, Dale’s Pale Ale, Stone Ruination, Crispin The Saint, Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale, Abita Pecan Harvest Ale, Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Oskar Blues Gordon, and lots of other types of Rogue

Day 1: A triumph and a tragedy at Peterskill

After driving up to Paul’s family’s lake house in New Jersey on Friday night, the crew set out to boulder at Peterskill on Saturday.  While Art, Esten, and Bob went to find a campsite at the Multi-Use Area, the rest of the group warmed up.  Ryland, Shane, Jackie, and Marie sent Loner Boner, a V3 that turned out to be pretty tricky for the shorter girls.  Ryland had some pretty good gos on Dwarf Toss (V8), but it proved to be way too ridiculous of a problem to be sent that day.

The two halves of the group then met up on the project of the day, Village Idiot (V7).  Ryland was the star, and sent it pretty quickly:

Diving Board V1

KanKan trying to straddle a 600 lb. man...Diving Board V1.

The rest of the crew had some great attempts, but no more sends.  And Village Idiot unfortunately claimed a victim as Marie rolled her ankle.  However, she was still able to drink scotch and beer for the rest of the trip, so not all was lost.

Some other highlights of the day were Bob sending Mentos (V4) and this exchange between KanKan and Esten as KanKan attempted Diving Board, an extremely hard V1:

KanKan: “So can someone explain to me what a double heel hook is?
Esten: “Well just imagine having sex with a 600 lb. man…come on straddle that 600 lb. man!”

Day 2: Conquering a classic boulder problem

Bob sending The Buddha

Bob sending The Buddha (V7)

On Sunday the crew headed to the Carriage Road after a quick shopping trip to Rock & Snow, where Arthur purchased a shiny new Organic bouldering pad.  KanKan and Paul put on their harnesses and sent the 5.5 Jackie (yes, Paul placed nuts in Jackie’s crack…wait, no, not that Jackie!) while the rest of the crew went bouldering.  Even with a busted ankle, Marie was able to send the Welcome Boulder and was a champ walking along the Carriage Road with her pimpin’ stick.  After the warm-up, Shane and Ryland sent Gill’s Egg (V4) and Ryland sent the Black Boulder Problem (V5).  The crew then hiked over to the Andrew Boulder, home of The Buddha (V7), one of the top 20 classic boulder problems in North America – at least according to this video.  It was the reason that Shane wanted to go to the Gunks – to make progress on his dream of sending all 20.

First though, Bob, Shane, and Ryland sent the Andrew Boulder Problem (V4) and Esten repeated a previous send of the problem.  After some frustration by the crew on The Buddha, Bob seemed to surprise even himself by sticking the crux and then sending the problem.  His send inspired Shane and Ryland to keep at it and more sends were the result!  Now Shane can cross off one more problem on his classics tick list.

After a good day of climbing, KanKan, Paul, Marie, Ryland, Shane, and Jackie headed back to the lake house.  Jackie made up for not sending anything hard by throwing lots of pong balls into red cups.  Esten, Art, and Bob camped out, hoping that the rain in the forecast would not preclude them from climbing the next day, but instead discovered a group of cyclops head-banging fuzzy white bug things hanging out near camp.  Well, the rain came, and it poured and the campers woke up to some breakfast Stone Ruination and Oskar Blues Gordon before packing up and heading home.

Lessons learned from the weekend:

1. Dale’s Pale Ale is a horrible choice for beer pong.
2. Paul should never challenge Jackie to a one-on-one pong game.
3. Random people should not beta-spew medical advice at Marie.
4. Random people should just not beta-spew.
5. If there’s a 60% chance of heavy rain at the Gunks, you could’ve been partying at Paul’s instead of waking up to a soaking wet tent.
6. If you’re camping, breakfast Ruination is a good way to start a rainy morning.
7. The “light” beer for the weekend was generally greater than 6% ABV.
8. Dale’s (no relation to Dale’s Pale Ale) should learn to stock more pluots for KanKan.


**If you don’t know, then you just don’t know.

Here are Art’s photos from the trip:

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