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Remember when all the rocks weren’t covered in snow?

February 24, 2015

As we stare out the window at piles of snow, let’s take a look back to times when Coopers was not a snowshoeer’s paradise.

First, a video from last fall.  Three of us went out to Coopers.  Each of us picked one project.  Here’s the result.


Burning Butthole FA V5+ combines (‘Crash and Burn’ and ‘Prickly Butthole’)
Shadow Boxer V6
Coral V7


And second, the process of a two year project – Beginning of the End (V9).

Here’s hoping spring (or maybe some winter without all the snow) will be here soon!

Night is the time for tropical pebble wrestling

November 13, 2014

This past summer, a group of us flew out to Virgin Gorda for some tropical bouldering and beach time.  And lots and lots of mangoes.  While most of the sending involved coconut trees, we did manage to do some rock climbing.  Shane and Chris put this one down the last night of the trip:

6 people, 6 pads, 1 Suburban

November 11, 2014

We recently returned from another trip out to Joe’s Valley.  It’s almost impossible to not have a good time there.  My first time there I had a broken knee, and I still loved it.  Perfect sandstone, a seemingly endless number of boulders, and an amazing atmosphere.  No wonder we keep going back.

This time the Maxes, Esten, Erica, Bob and I went to reunite with our long lost crew member Paul aka Kupcake.  Although we might have to change his name to Kookie based on what was eaten during our trip.  Paul has been meandering throughout climbing land and finally arrived in Joe’s almost a year later than planned.  You can read about his adventures here.  We also met up with ex Earth Treker Gabe and Paul’s friend David from his stint in Chattanooga.

But anyways, the most important team send of the trip was stashing 6 crashpads, all our gear, and 6 people into one Suburban without a roof rack.  It was quite a feat.

The crew and our ride. Photo: Paul Shin.

The crew minus Bob and our ride. Photo: Paul Shin.

The climbing part of the trip started out well (let’s just pretend we didn’t try to night climb after a very full day of traveling) with Paul crushing The Hulk (V9) and some sends of Frosted Flakes (V5).  That day we also trekked up to Raiden (V6) and Dunkin Donuts (V10) and there were many sends on each.

Erica on Reach Around Right (V3) on the UMWA boulder.  Photo: Paul Shin.

Erica on Reach Around Right (V3) on the UMWA boulder. Photo: Paul Shin.

Jackie on The Hulk (V9).  Photo: Paul Shin.

Jackie on The Hulk (V9). Photo: Paul Shin.

Max on Raiden (V6).  Photo: Paul Shin.

Max on Raiden (V6). Photo: Paul Shin.

And some of Paul’s video:


We then spent a couple days going back and forth between New Joe’s, the Big Joe area, and various other boulders including Kill by Numbers (V5) and Water Painting (V7).  At New Joe’s we did Planet of the Apes (V7), Chips (V7), Contact (V5/6), Pocket Rocket (V7), Self Service (V4), and all of the super fun problems in The Closet area like Pimpin Jeans (V4) and Bad Genes (V3).

Max on Chips (V7).  Photo: Paul Shin.

Max on Chips (V7). Photo: Paul Shin.

Esten on Planet of the Apes (V7).  Photo: Paul Shin.

Esten on Planet of the Apes (V7). Photo: Paul Shin.

Paul on Pocket Rocket (V7).  Photo: Gabe Mejia.

Paul on Pocket Rocket (V7). Photo: Gabe Mejia.

Gabe on Water Painting (V7).  Photo: Paul Shin.

Gabe on Water Painting (V7). Photo: Paul Shin.

And that’s where the photos I have stop.  I swear we were there for longer than 3 days.  Well, most of us.  Unfortunately we had to take Bob back to Salt Lake City on Wednesday so he could hop on a plane to go home.  But there was still time when we got back for the Maxes to get Wills of Fire (V6), Erica to climb The Angler (V2) in the dark, and a bunch of people to lose skin on Feels Like Grit (V8).

Thursday we went out to Dairy Canyon, except that at first we went to the wrong canyon.  Esten, General Max, and I had been to Dairy Canyon a couple years ago, but we totally failed at recognizing the correct turn off.  So we wandered around most of the morning until we figured out that there were no boulders.  When we finally found the magical place that is Dairy Canyon, we took full advantage.  Shark Max made quick work of Stir the Pie (V9), the Maxes sent Rabbit Fur (V6), Erica sent Dime a Dozen (V4), and there were a bunch of sends on Vortex (V9) and Cowbell (V8).  We finished the day with some more night climbing at the Big Joe cave on Big Joe (V7) and Nerve Extension (V10) and with some cheesecake for General Max’s birthday.  Luckily, the only cake we could find at Food Ranch was a hit.

The last day we were all extremely tired but there was still some climbing on the Triangle Boulder uphill from our camp.  Esten also completely ripped his hand open on Dyno Time (V5) – good thing that happened on the last day.  After much lounging we headed over to Hooters (V9) but there were no end of the trip sends.  Next time.

And in what may be a first for the pebble wrestling crew, we made it to the airport with 2 hours to spare.  Everyone actually got up that morning and was coherent enough to pack up their stuff and go.  Amazing.  Although we still were not able to finish either of the crossword puzzles in the airplane magazine, even as a group.  Oh well.

As per usual after an awesome trip, we’ve already discussed the obvious question: When are we going back?  Hopefully the answer will be some time next year.  But for now, time to train for Hueco!

Tommys Arete in RMNP

October 15, 2014

Finally got the video out of Pierre and me visiting friends in Colorad. Its a video of us doing Tommys Arete, V7. Its my first video, so dont expect much. Thanks Max for adding the tunes!


More from the files

August 14, 2014

Apparently we had a lot of random video just lying around.  Some good, some not so good quality, but all fun.  Enjoy!

Problems are, in order:

Donkey Punch (V3) – Coopers Rock, WV
Baron Harkonen (V7) – Catoctin/Cunningham Falls, MD
S & M Roof (V5) – Coopers Rock, WV
Kill by Numbers (V5) – Joe’s Valley, UT
Horizon Line (V6) – Grayson Highlands, VA
Bigfoot lower start aka Bigfoot’s Dick (V7/8) – Rocky Gorge Reservoir, MD
Jonah Boulder V3 – Catoctin/Cunningham Falls, MD
Beauty Queen (V7) – Coll’s Cove, PA
Ship’s Prow Variation (V5+) – Coopers Rock, WV
Straddle Battle (V6) – Coll’s Cove, PA
Jugarete Sit (V7) – Governor Stable, PA
Topsail (V5) – Coopers Rock, WV
Big Dickens (V8) – Coll’s Cove, PA

More adventures in WV & SW PA

July 3, 2014

As we are set to embark on another long weekend trip, here’s a very belated post about our WV & PA adventures from the last long weekend.

For Memorial Day weekend, some of us spent 1 1/2 days at Coopers, a day at Coll’s, and a day at a new-to-us spot, Ohiopyle.  By the time we got to Ohiopyle we were pretty exhausted, but we plan to return this weekend!

Before the photos, some good news.  Our friends at Coll’s Cove are in the process of securing the cabin and surroundings where the parking area is currently for a campground.  While they had hoped to have this ready for 4th of July weekend, the owners decided that some renovations would be needed before renting it out.  Follow them on Facebook for more updates!  And for now, click here for a map depicting how to pay for parking ($5 per car).

Okay, now here are some of Shane’s photos from the weekend:

We started off at Coopers, where General Max sent Beginning of the End (V9) on Friday.  A bunch of things were sent by various people on Saturday, but I can’t remember exact details.

Erica on Twist da Hick (V5) at Coopers.

Erica on Twist da Hick (V5) at Coopers.

After climbing at Coll’s on Sunday (where Shane displaced Rattle Battle V7 and plenty of other climbing occurred), the PA crew took us on some crazy, dusty back roads to the Blue Hole, a place that looked like it belonged in some tropical paradise.  The guys all jumped in and promptly swam out while the ladies all remained warm(ish) and dry.

Back flip at the Blue Hole.

Back flip at the Blue Hole.

Then we went even further down the back roads, had a little bit of a dance party, and then walked out to an overlook.

The crew.

The crew, minus some who left early.

On Monday, the PA crew took us to Ohiopyle.  I had been there before for camping, hiking, and rafting, but never climbing.  Turns out there are a good amount of boulders there, some pretty high.

Nick at Ohiopyle.

Nick at Ohiopyle.

Olya at Ohiopyle.

Olya at Ohiopyle.

And now, back again this weekend!

Coopers Coopers Coopers

April 30, 2014

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Well, after a winter away from West Virginia because of snow and cold, we have fallen back in love with Coopers.

Last weekend, a big group went out to participate in Mid Atlantic Climbers’ annual Rockfest weekend of climbing and service.   After spending Saturday morning and early afternoon helping out the State Forest staff and the Coopers Rock Foundation with various volunteer projects, we had some time to climb Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  Here’s some video of Bizarro, The Allusionist, and Mountaineer’s Route.


We also went out to Coopers each of the few weekends before Rockfest.  Art got photo evidence from one of them:

Tori working Coral (V7)

Tori working Coral (V7)

Max W sending Tombstone Arete (V4)

Max W sending Tombstone Arete (V4)

Erica working Moby's Dick (V3)

Erica working Moby’s Dick (V3)

Eric sending Moby's Mantle (V4)

Eric sending Moby’s Mantle (V4)

Here’s the rest of Art’s photos:

Forgotten 2013 Bouldering Trips

March 17, 2014

As we continue to lament over the never-ending winter, we remember some fall 2013 bouldering trips to PA:

Coll's Cove

Max W. on Rattle Battle(V7) at Coll’s Cove

Max W at Coll's Cove

Max W at Coll’s Cove

Coll's Cove

Jackie on Thumb Wrestling (V4) at Coll’s Cove

Coll's Cove

Jackie at Casparis

Coll's Cove

Shane at Casparis

Coll's Cove

Peter at Casparis

Max W working The Dojo (V8)

Max W working The Dojo (V8) at Mt. Gretna

Max M working Destroyer (V8)

Max M working Destroyer (V8) at Mt. Gretna

Esten sending Fabulous (V4)

Esten sending Fabulous (V4) at Mt. Gretna

Here’s the rest of Art’s photos:

And for some more entertainment, here is some ridiculous screaming from a recent day of climbing at Northwest Branch:

Save the date for the Mid Atlantic Climbers Rockfest

March 9, 2014

Mid Atlantic Climbers (MAC) is having their annual Rockfest weekend at Coopers this year!  Clear your calendars for the weekend of April 26.

Click on their Save-the-Dates below to share on Facebook:



To support Rockfest and other climbing community events in the mid-Atlantic region, remember to get a joint MAC/Access Fund membership.  Click here to join.

People are sending in MD

February 11, 2014

When we got back from Hueco, we got to witness some hard sends on snow covered Maryland rocks.

First, John crushed Moby Dick Classic (V10) at Rocks State Park.  Photos courtesy of Katelyn Dolan.


Then, Dana cruised up Curtain Call (V10) at Northwest Branch:

And Katelyn got it too the next time she went out!

Maybe MD is not such a bad place to live (rock-wise) after all.  Now if only we weren’t about to get a big snowstorm tomorrow…